Simple Stories
These stories have been randomly made, and can feature anything that has crossed my mind.

01.12.02 A small step for it
This story begins in the very beginning of many religions, so to speak. Please enjoy.

01.12.02 The Black Mage Apprentice
My second story is based a little, tiny bit on how Role Playing Games works. But remember, just a little bit. It is easier to understand after having played some Final Fantasy games.

14.12.02 Santa Claus Incorporate
Do not, I repeat, do not tell this story to small children. It was just an idea that took place as I started writing, and I don't want to be sued by people for killing the tradition of the Santa Claus, or anything else for that matter.

The Tale of Caiveen
A whole new mythology has begun, and hopefully it will prove interesting.

08.12.06 Beginning of Caiveen
It starts with the birth of the Universe, and soon life comes along and messes things up.

13.05.07 Rise of Brutalos
It continues. Kingdoms falls and Orders rises. It's a saga of demons and illusions. It is time to return to the World of Caiveen. Wipe your feet before entering. No refund.

02.06.08 Wrath of Illusion
Death, demons and war. Let your dreams come true! Thus spoke I.

11.07.09 Dark Sorcery
There is still more to tell. There is more to evil than dark intentions. It will never end.

14.08.11 Torn And Shattered
Things change. (they always do)

The following stories are connected to Agnars Comic and A Hate Story.

The Chronicles of the Raider
The following are a few stories made to delve a little into the past of Agnars Comic, and mostly the main character himself.

26.08.03 The Stranger
A story I once made regarding the Raider, main character and villain of Agnars Comic.

27.08.03 The Party
Another story I made regarding the Raider. It didn't get as I intended. Far from it!

29.08.03 The Dragon Emperor Bahamut
Raider story again. I'm not really sure what I intended with it.

06.09.03 Master Red's Legend of the Meteor
A story where Master Red tells a story. It was made before his actual appearence in the comic.

19.09.03 The Perfect Plan
A story about assassins, plans and horrible deaths. Yes. A Raider story once again. One of my better ones. Also made before Master Red's first appearence in Agnars Comic.

History of Earth
I have finally bothered to delve back into the mythology I have created during the making of Agnars Comic. I recommend you read the actual comic before you read these, or it might become very spoiling for some of the fun. I also recommend that you start reading them from the top rather than jumping back and forth as it suits you, seeing as they might base themselves a little on you knowing what has already been written earlier.

07.04.05 The Legend of the Meteor
Here it is! The summarized story of the four heroes who saved the world. Or did they?

08.04.05 The Change of the World
Between the disappearence and the awakening of the Eye of the meteor the world changed. Exactly five thousand years wich has mostly withered in human memory. However, after carefull and wast research, I have finally managed to summarize the more important bits of history.

10.04.05 The Life of the Raider
This is the story about an innocent boy who lost everything he cared about. This is a story about a man who lived and waited for five thousand years before he could finish what he began. This is a story about a horrible villain who could never be defeated. This is the basic story of the Life of the Raider, a story wich might have been better off untold...

13.10.05 The Babbling Village Idiot
What is life without life stories? Well, here is another one, and there is absolutely no possible way that you will ever, ever, and I mean you will never guess whatsoever, whom the owner of this lifestory is.

08.06.06 The Rise of the Devastator
Took a while before I finally finished it, but here it is. Rodericia's life summed up.

23.05.10 The Forgotten
Dennis. Edward. Edgar. Ziel. Who are they? What have they got to do with anything? Who cares? The important thing is that their lives can be used as entertainment.

The Aftermath
You've read the Comic. You've read the History. Now prepare yourself to read the Aftermath. The world is changing. Where once was nothing now comes religion. Welcome to the expansion of a mythology wich will make you cry and laugh as you enter the gates of... Er, I don't think I ever really gave this world a proper name. Oh, well.

11.06.05 Rise from Oblivion
This brings me a smile when I look at it. It's not just a single story, but several ones connected. And those of you who knows the real truth and can see the connections will discover more of the humor wich is covered in seriousity. Any similarity to the real world is none of my business.

16.06.05 Beyond the Oblivion
Why would an alien sivilization far, far away wish to destroy the Earth? How could they even bring themselves to consider such a thing? Now, through tedious research through ancient hostorical documents (my brain), the answer has finally been answered. The question is: Will you like it?

11.09.05 Searching the Oblivion
A thousand years has passed since the Eye was defeated, and all might be well. Things are getting more stable, and this would be an excellent opportunity to see how the southern continents are doing. So come, fellow traveller, and see for yourself that all is well. That is, well done.

10.11.05 Among the Oblivion
And now a little bit about the Continent of Pyroica.

06.06.07 Damning the Oblivion
The life and death and afterlife of Lady Miranda, summed up quickly here for all of those who dares to read it.

24.06.12 Religion & Politics
Betty is a maid at the elven castle with a feather duster, and Zalandor is her husband in the city guard. This is the event that changed their lives.

20.07.14 Aeromina Does It Best
The tale of how Guildia and Lich'Moor came to dominate the Aeromina Continent.

Note: These stories has been made by me, and are not to be placed anywhere else by anyone else. I will also take this moment to tell you that I will not host stories made by other people here, not even fanfictions should you ever become interested in making one.
Have a nice day.


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