Story 1

A small step for it

In the beginning the Earth was covered with water and land. Then, suddenly, a little fish appeared on the surface. It was nothing like seen before. On four tiny legs this being crawled up. It noticed that it had some breathing problems, but it carried on anyway.

While it walked around very slowly, it started to relax. It couldn't see any other creatures that wanted to eat him. "Have I found Paradise?", it thought. "No fears? No monsters? No problems? Just all this green stuff on those brown lines?".

It walked further into the wild. And it walked, and it walked, and it walked. The feeling of true gravity was astunishing. Here those pesky, little jaw-fishes couldn't harm him. Here he could be forever and ever, without the fear of the fears itself.

After a while it started to grow hungry. It though: "I must have something to eat, or I will die!". Then he thought about the green stuff around him. He walked close to one of those things, and then he took a bite wich he chewed and swallowed. It tasted good. The thing didn't seem to mind, so he grabbed another bite. And nother. He grabbed just more and more, until he was full.

"Amazing", he thought, "This really is paradise! There is food everywhere! And it's all mine! All mine!". It continued it's journey towards the inner land.

After several hours the land-fish noticed something strange with the roof. It had turned black. (Actually, it had turned dark-blue, not that it matters much.) It got scared. Down in the water the roof never changed. Not much anyway. But then it thought: "Must be because of that strange ball that hurt my eyes up in the air. Without it the lights disappears."

Once again it started walking. It didn't know what else it could do. Then it stumbled upon something stranger than anything it had seen before. Something huge. Something shiny. Something uncertain. It was shaped like a big... No, gigantic ball. And it had some strange, stiff lines that hold it up. The land-fish noticed some green-colored beings walking around on just three feets. It wondered about this for a while as it watched the greenies collect the green and brown stuff. "They really must be hungry!", it thought.

Suddenly one of the greenies noticed him. It tried to run, but it was too slow. The green creature hold it up for the others to watch. The land-fish started to scream. This seemed to amaze the greenies. Then they put it in a strange thing with invisible walls and floor. Then they sealed the roof. Then they carried it into the shiny ball of theirs. Then they took it out and tied it up. Then they placed it on a strange, flat plate that seemed to fly above ground.

After have been laying still for some time, one of the greenies came over. The land-fish started to scream again. This time the greenies didn't seem so amazed. This time they looked rather annoyed. This gave the land-fish an idea. It concentrated it's gills, or whatever he had now, and started to scream and scream and scream. Only to stop for breath, it screamed for a long, long time.

Finally one of the greenies, who had turned almost red, came and untied it. Then the green creature carried it out and throw it far into the green and brown stuff. It hit one of the brown things, and fell to ground. It managed to get on foot, and then it started thinking again: "I better return home. This place is filled with something far worse than monsters". It then headed back to the water. This took a very long time. A very, very, very long time.

Finally back at the ocean, the land-fish slided into the water. As he did, he noticed a similar fish who were heading for the land. The no-longer-land-fish swimmed up to him and bubbled: "Don't go up there! There are some very violent and green thingies up there". The other fish ignored him. It itself didn't want to return to the surface, and therefore headed down into the deep. It never, ever returned to the surface. And the other fish was never heard from again...

Agnar Idsøe
1. December 2002


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