The Chronicles of the Raider 4

Master Red's Legend of the Meteor

All the children were paying close attention to the visitor. More than half of them had met him before, about four years ago. They all knew how things went when he arrived. First a couple of conversations with the adults concerning use of the orphanage money, then a overhanding of a big bag of gold. And every single time the visitor arrived, he had told them a story. He always came at least once a year, so the children had been very sad when they had gotten a letter three years ago saying he would become heavily delayed because of unexpected matters. But now he was back, and this time he put in a little party with delicious cakes and a present each.
After the usual money stuff, the eating and the present outdelievering (wich was a small, shiny knife each), they all got themselves into the usual meeting room. Everyone found themselves a nice spot as the visitor sat down on a cushion. Often kids directly from the streets sneaked in as well to listen, and this day more than half the listeners was not orphans. Not that the visitor seemed to mind as he spoke to them all:
- "Today I will tell you a story few before you have heard. It is one of the oldest legend of todays existence, and most people who have heard it has died in mysterious ways. If anyone here does not dare hear it, leave now, or suffer the possible consequenses."
All the kids enjoyed when he started his stories like that. He always based those stories and warnings on facts, often adding a little bit unexplained mystery into them. Sometimes he would even use a little bit magic to create light effects or hallusive visions in order to better describe the happenings. The kids never wondered why he was called Master Red among the adults. Although he had a dark-red robe making it impossible to see what he really look like, the nickname itself came of the stories. Some could become very death-filled, thus relating him to the color of blood. And he was called a Master because of his riches.
- "I will tell you a story wich happened five thousand years ago! Well, four thousand, nine hundred and ninety eight to be presicely."
They all laughed at his unnesseceary ad of detail.
- "This story takes place long before any of what todays history books has recorded. In a time when humanity ruled the world alone, slowly destroying it with its increase of power. A time when the Dragons, the Lizard Men, the Elves, the Dwarves, the Orcs and Goblins, the very thinking, sivilized species of today did not even exist. A time without magic, not anything like our todays daily life. A time when the machines might have been the real rulers of what was once called Earth, but wich truly should be called the Water. I give you now the most amazing, deadly and horrible story in all of the history... I give you the Legend of the Meteor!"
Eyes went wide. Many had heard rumors about this story, but no one had ever confirmed it or knew it. Only one other thing had more rumors about it, and that thing was a creature known as the Raider. Two of the kids raised and exited the room. The rest stayed behind, praying that Master Red knew what he was doing when telling them the story wich had rumors of being the actual cause of all curses.
- "When the sivilization of the Ancients was at its highest and weakest, a being of death and destruction was unleashed upon our world. It came within a shell of rock and fire, and it slayed more than half of the living as it soured the world in darkness. The people who survived thought this to be an omen of power. In a rage of bloodlust they travelled towards it, creating a city with the Evil as center. Those people were convinced that the mass of rock contained riches far better than gold and gems. They all sought to gain power over their own kind, and all who tried bowed under to the Will of the Eye. Yes, the Evil Being, manifested in their minds as a Great Eye, manipulated them all. And within a short amount of time it spread its power further and further around our world."
Master Red showed them a vision of this Eye, a red light with a dark, oval center hovered before them.
- "But not all was lost. Four mighty souls saw through the Eye, and together they travelled to fight it. Their powers were greater than any regular human, not giving in to any of the Eyes temptations on their way. Night and day they got closer and closer, never stoping but for food and sleep. The road was hard, but they made it. They entered the City of Evil, armed with the weapons of those dark days. Nothing, not even the very Minion wich the Eye brought along, could stop them. The Minion had, however, powers greater than anything they had met, and a short delay of the Final Fight occured. But within short time they stood once again in front of the Great Evil, the Eye of Darkness."
With a little suspence, Master Red showed them a vision of the four heroes. Although no details were clear, it still made an amazing effect.
- "The details around the Final Fight is yet unclear, even to me. The heroes fourth member, their powerfull leader, was killed before they got to the Eye. It all seemed lost, but they still fought on. They charged with their full power, and within a great flash of white light the Eye was diminished and defeated. The Power of the Meteor was broken, but still there was horror. Without the soul, the rock of the Meteor was released upon the city, leaving no survivors. Not even the Mighty Heroes survived as the Evil City was dragged into the ground, burried for all Eternity!"
Master Red made another short break for yet a new effect.
- "But beware! The Eye has been defeated, but not destroyed! It will one day return, and only time will tell when. Only time itself may explain the yet unknown questions. All but one question... Cause if everyone truly died in this horrible event, who did then spread out this legend...?"
As Master Red finished the story, all the children stayed at their places as he got to his feet. It was clear they were still waiting for some last words. They waited and waited as he walked out the door. They all sighed as they realized he was once again gone. Some then started looking at the knives they had got. They were all simple made, and they were all different. Some got the idea to study them for inscriptions. None were found, so they went over to comparission. And thus they got back to the usual kid stuff.
But one of the kids chose to follow Master Red. At a distance he saw him walk into a dark alley. He stoped closer, and heared voices:
- "You had to tell them the story, didn't you?"
- "Yes. The time will soon come, and when it comes we will need people who knows the basic history."
- "I just hope you know what you are doing. It took me a long time to make humanity forget those events!"
- "I've known for five thousand years now. So have you."
- "We both have. Now we are leaving."
As the kid saw the face of the man who walked out, he ran for his life. No one could ever truly mistake that eye-lapped face wich was on all the posters of Guildia. The face of the Raider.

Agnar Idsøe
6. September 2003


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