The Chronicles of the Raider 2

The Party

The High University of Wizardry of Guildia was celebrating it's one thousand years fundation. Although the citizens didn't care, the students themselves did not miss a chance to have a whole week faboulous partying. Education itself was put aside, along with several of the strictest rules. There was even set up several small areanes out in the field for actual competitions. usually challenges was not allowed, seeing as people could accidently get killed before they had paid for their whole education.
The ArchWizard, an overaged, but powerfull White Mage, was in his office on the top floor and watching out of the window and down on the mayhem. Several thoughts went through his head as he fiddled with his beard, among them that it was an amazing good idea that they had created a Sound Barrier around the whole University property.
"Do you really think that this Millennium Affair is such a good idea, Sir?", asked the Grand Wizard, "After all, they could blow up us all just with their ideas of fireworks."
The ArchWizard didn't answer. Instead he walked over to his desk, picked up a poster and handed it over. The Grand Wizard rolled it open, and looked at it. It was one of the many posters wich had been hanging around the University the whole half year.
"What is so special with this, Sir?"
"That poster", said the ArchWizard, "is the whole reason for all of this. Like you, I intended to just have that single announcement about a big dinner in the Main Hall... But you know our students. If something is big enough, they will make a complete party out of it. Now sometimes it can be hushed down, but this event we are now talking about... Well, I would rather have the party here, rather than Guildia City itself!"
The Grand Wizard thought about this. He realized where the ArchWizard was going. He shrugged as he remembered what happened when the ArzhWizards fiftieth birthday itself were to be celebrated for about thirty years ago. Oh, the dinner was good... But most of the students went into the city for a couple dozen good beers afterwards. A tenth of the City Guards were killed during the magical challenges.
"It will cost us a lot less, both in lives and money, if it is only the University wich gets blown up", wispered the ArchWizard to himself.
"Well, let's just hope we don't get uninvited visitors, Sir. It would be bad for business if wizards from other universities comes. They are rumored to be much more wilder than us", said the Grand Wizard.
"Don't worry. I hired someone to keep an eye out for any unwanted visitors, and at the same time make sure the students behave and keeps themselves here", explained the ArchWizard.
"It wouldn't happen to be that man in blue clothes far down there, preparing an Ultima spell far down there?", asked the Grand Wizard.
"Ah, yes, that... would... be... him............"
Meanwhile, down at the party itself, the students is running for their lives, seeing as one of the thoughest students was dumb enough to challenge Party Guard to a One On One Magic Challenge. And the Party Guard, watching the gigantic asteroids hit them all, says to himself, "Great, Raider! Just Great! Once again I use too high a level on my magics. It's going to turn out just as it did during that birthday celebration. Why can't I ever, ever learn!? I must be doing it on purpose!"
As he keeps on watching the area blow up, he says to himself in a different tone of voice, "For my information, I intended to cast a Level 5 Energy Beam."

Agnar Idsøe
27. August 2003


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