The Chronicles of the Raider 1

The Stranger

It was a nice and sunny day. Everything was fine in the small village of Daggerblade. The children was playing, the cats were sleeping, and everyone was basicly living their lives in harmony.
Few noticed the dustcovered traveller who came from the northern region. Those who did, saw a tall man clothed well in blue. His arms was bare, except from some ribbons. His face was hard to see, but it was clear that he was wearing an eyepatch over his left eye. Everything was of superb making, made with unknown fabrics in a style wich almost made him look like a gentleman if it hadn't been for all the dried mud all over him.
A couple of kids followed him from a distance as he went towards the village pub. He stoped only once to pet a little kitten wich was sleeping just outside the open door. He put some milk in its dish, and then he walked into the pub. The kids, wondering where he even got the milk, went over to the window and looked in.
The stranger walked over to the counter, never saying a single word. After over a quarter the bartender asks, "Was there anything you wanted?"
The stranger looks at him, puts a goldcoin on the counter, then says, "Give me one litre of the strongest you've got".
The bartender, thinking that this guy must be suicidal, took the goldcoin and then tapped two pints with something suspicious looking stuff wich was only known as anti-tonic. As he put it down on the counter, he asked the stranger, "So, what is it you wish to forget with that brewage?"
The stranger, taking one of the mugs up to his mouth, answered only, "I can't forget".
The whole local hold it's breath as the stranger drank both of the mugs in a rather unexpected speed. (After all, drinking at all when you're supposed to be dead IS an unexpected speed.) As the last drops went in, everyone awaited that the head would fall off. They were still not breathing as the stranger exited the pub in his typical walk. After a couple of minutes one of the customers went over to the counter, and said, "Give me what that guy ordered". The bartender mixed up a mug, saying it was on the house, and then the customer had a good go with the anti-tonic. People were still wondering about the stranger even after that the customer cried out in oblivious pain, then having all his blood heating up to more than two hundred celcius.
Meanwhile, the stranger started walking out of the village. The kids were still following, but at a greater distance. They followed him until they got to a deep river where the village got it's water supply. Confusion increased as the stranger walked into the water, keeping on going over to the other side. At some point, however, his head went underwater, and it took over five minutes until he appeared again and walked up on land on the other side.
The kids, not daring to cross the river because of its strong stream, went back home to the village while the stranger continued on. All that remained there was the little kitten from outside the pub who wanted more milk. It ended with jumping into the water.
As the stranger had walked for half an hour, he seemes to start talking to himself in several tones of voice.
"Now that was a good beer!"
"Me idiot! That was an anti-tonic! It could have killed me!"
"Could me guys shut up!? Me and me are playing chess here!"
"Sigh. Please stop talking. There are still people around."
"Right ho."
As the stranger walked into the sunset, the village people packed up and left as they discovered an old, thorn wanted poster hanging on the public message board. The only words readable was "The Raider", placed just over a very well drawn image of a familiar face with an eyepatch over his left eye.

Agnar Idsøe
26. August 2003


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