History of Earth 3

The Life of the Raider

Martin Bluewind was a twelve year old boy who had been hired as a supply boy by four researchers to carry their supplies for them. Before that he grew up in the City of the Raiders at the base of the meteor, a kid both kind, helpfull, dutyful, intelligent, understanding, moral and ethical. He was very well liked and well known in the city, with many childhood friends, with the nickname Blue. He would never pick a fight or make a theft, and was considered a role model by many. And this was the reason for why he was hired as a supply boy. The researchers wanted someone with them they could be sure was not affected by the powers of the being within the meteor.

When the researchers made the minion being fall unconscious after fighting it, he was told to stay and watch over it while they destroyed the carving of an eye on the top of the meteor. Then they suddenly vanished into a dark void, leaving him behind. Not sure what happened, he dutyfully watched over the unconscious being. But it wasn't unconscious for long. Suddenly it arose, and the sight of the humanshaped creature was not one he would quickly forget. The being ignored him and started floating toward the carved eye. Blue, on a whim, tried to barr its path, refusing to let it pass him. The being eventually got tired of this game and just went right through him like smoke, then opened a hole into the void. On yet another whim, Blue ran in before it, not quite sure what he was doing. There he encountered a big, red, flaming Eye far above, and the researchers close by. The Eye was distracted by Blues appearence, and the researchers took advantage of this and fired their weapons at it. But something told Blue that the weapons was useless, and that another thing had to be done. Like guided by a sixth sense Blue channeled the energies contained in the void, and unleashed them at the same time the weapons were fired. Then all sight turned white, a dreadful pain appearing in Blues left eye, and as vision returned both the Eye and its minion being was gone. The researchers were then pushed back into reality and appeared in the City of the Raiders. Blue, however, appeared far away from the city, on top of a cliff, where he in total dreadfullness watched as the floating meteor crashed down on the city, burying and dragging it into oblivion, erasing it from history. His left eye wounded, his family, friends and home all gone, his whole past only a memory... A high sacrifice for the safety of the world, one he could barely believe was true. And yet something deep inside him told him it wasn't over, that the Eye would one day return, and that his part was not yet over.

That day the City of the Raiders went into oblivion. That day a twelve year old boy named Martin Bluewind, also known as Blue, died deep within. That day the last Raider would start a journey through life and death and await the return of the greatest enemy of this world. That day an inhuman being unlike anything before or yet to come was unleashed. That day the Raider entered history.

At first he wandered the world, overwhelmed by grief for all he had lost. Covered in rags and dirt, living of what work he could that wouldn't go against his ethics and morals, barely ever speaking. He would never stay in one place for long. Only the thoughts about the alien being one day returning kept him going, the strong wish for revenge, never sure if he was fooling himself and that the alien being was truly dead. Time moved swiftly and decades passed, making him a man. Sometimes he would try to drink his sorrows away, but somehow it just wouldn't affect him. As he went for stronger and stronger elements, one deadlier than the next, he came to realize that his body would resist any poison he would consume or inject. Eventually he gave those ideas up and would sink deeper into his gloom. After this he would stay for long times in places, tired of travelling without a goal. Some people would now and then try to cheer him up, but eventually give up and get used to him sitting all alone and melancholic, and in the end barely notice him gone after he moved on. And afterwards all they would remember about him was his eyepatch over his left eye and the name he strangely would call himself.

Then, after more than three centuries later, he came across a kid with a hideous grin in the face throwing a sack with kittens in a river. Not sure why he jumped into the river and brought the sack back on dry land. He then released the wet and frightened kittens, something wich angered the kid. He didn't really take notice of the swearing kid, and started to move on. Then the kid drew a knife and attacked in fury, taking him by surprise and driving the knife deep into his heart from the back. What happened next surprised himself even more than the kid. He turned around, facing the kid, pulling out the bloodied knife, feeling his wound closing up. The kid then panicked and tried to run away in fear. But the Raider was faster and stronger, and soon the kid had his pockets filled with heavy stones, hands and feet bound, mouth gagged, and trying desperatly to reach the surface of the river. The Raider didn't feel any pleasure in it, neither any justice. He just felt it was necessary, but not quite sure why.

After this episode he lost the few remaining pieces of him that made him feel human. His ethics and morals changed, making him acceptable for things he earlier wouldn't even think of. Knowing he had a regeneration that would make him unharmed by poisons and weapons, and finally realizing he had stoped ageing when he reached manhood, the Raider set out on a new path. He set aside his memories and grief, locking them away, focusing on the now and the future. The alien being would one day be back, and unless he was prepared, he would fail to defeat it. His goals therefore turned toward training, equipment, and the riches to get this. Taking one step at a time, blending in with the world, waiting and watching, seeking out teachers in any skill that might be usefull, making sure he can survive all by himself in any nature. And as the world became more and more medieval over the centuries, the Raider started believing he was turning mad. The voices wich started to appear inside his head only helped to improve this view.

And then the Age of the Titans began. Many of what was once small creatures had evolved into beings far higher and stronger than ever could have been imagined, and humanity withdrew into highly guarded enthrenced cities. Very few people had the courage to leave, and less had the survival possibility if they ever did. Whenever someone new entered a city they would be talked about for years, and the Raider was no exception. Famed as a titanslayer, sometimes hired to guard transports or to take care of overdaring local beasts, the Raider eventually got known all across the world and inspired the increase of more titanslayers. His special style of clothing made him even more memorable, a selfmade, blue cloth based in the ways of his long lost sivilization. As time moved on further, the oversized animals started being replaced by creatures out of fable stories. At first the Raider found it confusing, but something deep within him knew the why of this absurdity. It was basing itself on things taken out of human minds, imaginary beings wich had set an impression on humanity and was still remembered. And he knew that most of those things would not last long. And then the next age began...

The Raider had for a long time felt the presence of energies wich had built up around the world since the meteor had crashed. After more than two thousand years humanity had evolved and gained the ability to bend these forces with their will, and the Age of Wizards was at hand. As more and more people managed to use magic, the Raider remembered what he once did when he channeled and unleashed energies on the alien being, and he came to realize that this ability had always been with him ever aftwerwards. With wizards around, humanity once again became the dominant specie of the world, and great kingdoms arose. Deciding to once again remove himself from history, the Raider blended once again back into the world, turning towards magic training and the darker skills. He became a master of thieving, assassinations, spying and manipulation. And he discovered he liked it. But then the wizards became corrupted. People started living in fear, poority and cruelty. This made it very difficult for the Raider to work, eventually making people aware of him, and he had to escape into the wilds until he was once again forgotten. In the meanwhile the Wars of Magic arose, turning things into further chaos. Because the Raider had stayed out of touch for so long he had been unaware of the damages the wizards had caused, and was not happy about the circumstances. Taking advantage of his travelling experience and his darker skills, the Raider went for the most astonishing assassination round ever. Wizard after wizard found themselves with a knife in their back or across their throats, poisons in their food and drinks, a drop from a window or a balcony, sometimes even a cute snake, spider or scorpion as a bedmate, or just simply an experiment that could not possibly go wrong turn into a total disaster. There was never any explenation for the incidents, and the fear of wizards soon diminished while the people grew braver. The remaining wizards was hunted down and slain. Only a few remained because they were still needed as protection against the titans. And so the Age of the Wizards ended, with the Raider returning to his underground role. And now also the voices in his head had reached a point where they had practically became friends, each with their own unique personality.

During the Age of Growth the Raider's reputation grew as well. With the coming of new intelligent species evolved from animals, like dwarves, goblins and Lizard Men, and the human evolutioned elves, the Raider had grown tired of hiding in the shadows. Stories about him arose, told silently around fires during the dark, warning against ever encountering him. The Raider, slayer of both man and beast, an invincible phantom devoid of emotions, giving his dark skills out for hire to anyone daring enough to seek him out. Sometimes great warriors and wizards would seek him out and challenge him, their remains never to be discovered. Even rumored to be a friend of dragons, kidnapping young women for them to eat in exchange for guarding his wast hordes of treasure. His reputation grew and grew, and unless people actually met him they would believe him a Villain of Legends, a horror fairy tale grown only for amusement. Then this age ended.

At this stage one of the more smarter voices in his head had managed to make a compromise with him, and in exchange for help in keeping all the other voices submissive this voice was allowed to sometimes have control of his body. And so Master Red was born, a mysterious character wearing a red robe-like cloak with a darkened hood, becoming a dear and helpfull friend of the Raider who gained positions and social power the Raider himself could barely believe. A strange being that established orphanages, sometimes even visiting some to tell stories for the kids. And the Raider, totally convinced he now was mad, didn't really think further about this.

Then came the Age of the Divided. With the evolution of some elves turning into the orcs, followed by the temperament between the two, the Raider himself had eventually reached a point where he just travelled around and amused himself with whatever he could think of. When the Race Wars started to blossom he did not care to prevent it, feeling it had always been inevitable and had to be waited out. But because he was a worldwide infamous Legendary Villain he had trouble settling down somewhere. However, this soon turned in his favour. There was a difference in how the whiteskinned and the greenskinned told villain stories. The whiteskins had stories wich basicly told of a living plague to be avoided at all cost, while the greenskins had stories wich told about a wellskilled warrior. And as the Race Wars raged, moving into the short Age of the Species, the Raider managed to make himself a friend among the goblins, gremlins, trolls, orcs and other greenskinned ones.

Then one day news reached him about a great battle between the whiteskins and the greenskins wich had been caused because of the troubles of a guy named Zordon. As the Race wars ended and things settled down, the Raider once again became active. He reestablished his reputation and assimilated other news in the world, and eventually didn't really know what to do next. Then something deep within him told him to travel to the Geomania continent. Something far deeper than the voices, perhaps a forgotten part of himself. So he then took passage on a boat and travelled to the city St. Zero. There he bought a horse, one who would prove to be a pain riding, and travelling through the Wastelands set course for the Grasslands of Lawn. One day he came across a kid seeming to lie halfdead in among the vegetation. As he walked his horse close, jumped off and were to examine the kid, the kid quickly got on his feet and grabbed the reins, jumped on, and took off before the Raider understood just what was going on. The Raider would most likely have hunted down the kid and killed him, but that feeling deep within made him go on the other way. Days passed and he reached the Wastelands again. Except from killing a giant twoheaded worm, the only encounter he ever made there was with this strange guy in a hooded robe who appeared out of nowhere. During conversation this guy mentioned the Great City of Kwan, and eventually they decided to travel there together.

And then the Age of the Species ended...

Agnar Idsøe
10. April 2005


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