History of Earth 2

The Change of the World

When the meteor chrashed onto Earth it unleashed wast energies around the globe wich led to minor changes in structure both for the planet itself and nearly all lifeforms. These minor changes would then be the basis for a great series of quick evolutions and a continental replacement. These transformations would eventually lead to a selfdestroying world based on chaos and disorder, creating monstrous abominations and a worldwide volcanic erruption of destruction. Just the one high outburst of energy was, of course, not enough to cause any permanent damage, so this process was being constantly held under control by an alien energetically engineered being. However, after a few years there were certain individuals who disrupted this development. As the alien being vanished, it was only a matter of time until the world would get into balance again. But not without peculiar evolutions...

The human population was severely reduced, and extinction was feared to be a possibility. This fear spread and became rooted in almost everyone everywhere. This then increased to the fear of mass destructive weapons, wich led to the fear of technology, wich again led to an unreasonable fear of inventors and scientists. This developed over several hundred years, but the ending result was the beginning of a new medieval age. People lost the grip on science, and life moved on. Only a few pieces remained, scattered around the world, artifacts of forgotten purposes.

Then the titans evolved. Worms, toads, locusts and several other tiny creatures had become bigger and bigger, and eventually reached a size up to unbelievable height. Their reign did not last long, though, when creatures of the shape from ancient fable and fantasy tales evolved into being, some even with intellects similar to human beings. Harpies, satyrs, chimeiras, hydraes, griffins, unicorns, werewolves, and lets not forget, dragons! Most of these creatures wasn't around for long, in fact only less than ten survived past the seckond millennium, among those were dragons. And so the Age of the Titans ended. In the future only a few creatures of those species would survive.

Two thousand years after the meteor incident, humanity started to gain a new ability. The ability for magic. Although only a few individuals at a time could use this mind wielding power, it proved to be effective for certain purposes. Finally they could take their place to live in the open again with proper defences against the titanic creatures. The Age of the Wizards had begun. Real kingdoms with great wizards at their command raised, and as the wizards grew in power they also grew in knowledge. Both scholars and fighters, the wizards gained high status and enormous wealth. And as the wizards grew into masters of unimaginable powers, their arrogance and selfishness grew as well. Eventually they became despised and hated, and their respect started to fade. That was when the wizards made their worst mistake. They resorted to fear in order to gain respect, and eventually these new tactics were so effective that they also gained possessions, titles and whatever their heart desired. In the end they wanted the very kingdoms themselves, demising the monarks, and when even that was not enough, the Wars of Magic araised, wizard against wizard with giant armies at their sides. For decades it lasted, the whole world trembling. And then, one year, the wizards started dropping down dead all over the world through impossible assassinations. This decreased the fear of the wizards, and soon they were hunted down. Not all wizards were slain, seeing as they were still needed as protection against the monsters of the world. And thus the Age of the Wizards ended, lasting for about a millennium.

The evolution of the animals had lain dormant for a while, waiting for the magic wielders to calm down. And then, three thousand years after the meteor incident, evolution took a new turn, both for humanity and the rest of nature. In the deep swamps the Lizard Men evolved, just as intelligent beings as humans, with a great sense of honor and politics. In the grasslands the goblins and gremlins evolved, greenskinned little fellows not too smart, unworthy of trust. In the mountains the trolls evolved, green, big brutes with even less intelligence, but much lazier and easier to avoid. And the dwarves, possibly evolved from moles into something suspiciously humanoid and longbearded, and very happy with mining mountains and digging caves.

Then there was humanity itself. For some reason certain people started gaining some sort of telepatic ability, able to both talk to people and read other peoples minds. This was not an easily explained phenomen, and with time the telepats developed sharp, pointy ears that apparently functioned as some sort of antennaes as well as soundreceivers. Naturally people started to fear the pointyeared ones, driving them away into the woods. And thus the elves was born. Having to survive and depend on each other, unable to trick each other, they evolved into honorable and maybe a little arrogant people, believing they left humanity because they were better rather than despised. Somehow stories got twisted, and eventually the elves were seen as fair and noble beings. And with time the telepatic abilities of the elves diminished.

Humans and elves always kept apart from each other, though they eventually developed friendship along with the dwarves. Never entirely comfortable with each other, they still managed to coexist without much actual trouble. The goblins, gremlins, trolls and several other greenskinned creatures also managed to coexist with each other, though not always entirely in harmony. The Lizard Men kept to themselves, too different in appearence for any other creature to feel comfortable with. Eventually they refered to each other as the whiteskins, the greenskins and the scaled. As societies developed, whiteskins and greenskins thought of each others more and more as nemesises. It is unclear why, but eventually it got to the stage where they suddenly declared war on each other. It didn't last long, though. The whiteskins were smarter and more creative, but the greenskins were faster and stronger. In the end the fights cooled down, and peace returned, stabilizing, but they never managed to completely trust or accept the other. And so the Age of the Growth came and went.

Four thousand years after the meteor incident the world finally started to calm down. Evolution gained a normal pace, and the continents had settled down. However, the elves was starting to quarrel among themselves. So far they had developed special talents with their own kind of magic, but now some wanted to turn away from this path. Feeling that they had become unnatural beings, large groups of elves went out into the plains and wastelands to seek a more physical life. Abondoning magic they became hunters and warriors, taking honor in fighting and killing. This became a drastic change for these elves, and they kept having trouble with the greenskins who felt they were intruding. However, it seems like evolution still had a couple of tricks up its sleeve, and the warrior elves suddenly changed bloodcolor from red to green. This then made them appear as greenskins themselves, making them accepted among these creatures. Eventually they became known as orcs.

Once the magic wielding elves living in the woods became aware of their orcish relatives, they became shocked beyond reason. Thinking them abominations they sought to purge them away from existence. The orcs got caught unaware, and many of them died. And so, enraged by the actions of the elves, the orcs sought revenge. A war was inevitable, and because the orcs had become very good friends with the original greenskins, they got aid. The elves understood that they were outnumbered, knowing that they might become the extinct ones, and therefore asked the humans and the dwarves for aid. And so the war betwen whiteskins and greenskins was once again escalated. The Age of the Divided lasted for about seven hundred years, with the Race Wars in full blossom at the end.

Four thousand and seven hundred years after the meteor incident things were not going well. With the Race Wars roaming, aided by magic and powered by rage, the southern continents of Aeromina and Hydroena was in full uproar. Some ascaped across the seas and settled down in peace up north on the Pyroica and the Geomania continents, trying to forget the madness that had taken hold. But eventually the madness diminished and people tired of an endless war. Contact between the two opposing forces to create negotiations was founded, though this process was not easily achieved. No one dared to let elves and orcs near each other, seeing as they instincivly would now attack each other on sight. Eventually a person known only as Zordon, a guy from the Geomania continent with both human and orcish parents, became the message bringer between the forces. Seeing little hope for the actual negotiations, he decided to take matters into his own hands. By altering the messages and both bribing and blackmailing people on both sides he got control of the situation within a year. Then he suddenly disappeared while riding with one of the messages, and soon the whole situation cracked. During the greatest battle in history both sides were heavily massacred, and Zordons name became a common curse word on both sides. And then the Race Wars ended, conducting a permanent truce, and things calmed down. And so, five thousand years after the meteor incident, the short Age of the Species ended.

However, it should be known that during the Age of the Species a new type of magic was achieved on the Pyroica continent. Fearing to be dragged into the Race Wars, Wizards had banded together to create warriors to defend their continent should an invasion ever be attempted. At first they had gone for elemental formed beings, but they could not control them properly, and several elementals escaped over to the Geomania continent. They then went for using inanimate substances, creating golems, wich mostly ended in rubbles. Then some of the more unethical wizards went for the reanimation of the dead, thus becoming the first necromancers. The other wizards were terrified of this prospect, breaking all connections with the necromancers. The necromancers were not willing to give up this possibility, and continued their research in necromancy. They all went in each their direction, causing the raising of zombies, skeletons, wraiths, banshees and death knights. The other wizards finally got fed up with the necromancers and their creations, and soon hired professional assassins to hunt them down. However, one of the wizards, a family guy not among the brightest, became interested in a certain possibility he saw in necromancy. This guy secretly sought out necromancers, wanting to learn what he could from them, absorbing every detail he could about what they had discovered. And so, when he was the last necromancer left, and he knew he was only a heartbeat away from exposion and execution, he did what no necromancer had ever even imagined to do... He bound his soul to his skeleton and ended his life. Dead, buried and forgotten, the first Lich was raised, then sneaked away over to the Geomania continent, enrolling as a Black Mage in the Kwan Wizard Tower, hiding inside a very dark cloak.

Agnar Idsøe
8. April 2005


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