History of Earth 1

The Legend of the Meteor

During 2300 a.d. the human sivilization was nearing its end. The countries of Earth had for a long time slowly but surely been slipping apart, falling into mistrust, corruption and open violence. The United Global Council wich main purpose had been to hold the countries united had slipped into decay. Weapons of great magnitude earlier only imagined in science fiction was mass produced, politicians of great influence lost hope and interest in the common good, and few remained that was not in some or other way affected by the increasingly bad circumstances. The Fourth World War had begun.

Then, January 13th 2354 a.d., an occurence happened that would change the fate of the world forever. For all their technology they did not discover the meteor that came crashing into Europe until it was too late. Three fourths of the human race died from the impact, along with thousands of other species that got extinct. The whole world was shaken, continental movements was disturbed, and unknown energies was unleashed all over the globe... But no matter how bad the effects ever got, it never reached any actual clear cataclysmic event.

From the ruins of Earth humanity raised like a Phoenix from the ashes. Enough still remained from their technology, and some of the greater countries was still in function. As the meteor arose from the ground to float in the air by forces unknown, the Fourth World War continued. In the belief that the meteor contained unimaginable secrets and wealth humanity migrated towards it, settling down to scavenge whatever they could. At the base of the meteor, underneath and around, a great city was founded. A city of raiders, where many of its occupants switched their lastnames to Raider.

As years went by four humans studied the effects of change that came after the appearence of the meteor. Eventually their research brought them together, and they travelled the world in hope they could find the path to ensure their survival. They noticed changes in evolution and in human social behaviour. They noticed changes in the very movements of the ground. They noticed changes impossible by normal physic laws. And they noticed that if nothing was soon done, the world would end.

Earth was dying, life was evolving into selfdestruction, and humanity might not survive the harshness yet to come. The four researchers finally came to the conclusion that for all what humanity could bring itself to do, the cause was something else. All signs. All effects. All wrongs. The closer one came to the meteor, the worse it became. Something had been brought with it. Something beyond human understanding. And whatever it was, it had to be stopped before it was too late.

The four researchers then travelled to the City of the Raiders, to the base of the meteor itself. On the way their suspicion grew as both men and monsters went in their way to stop them. In the city itself they avoided everyone, homing in on the eye the people had carved on the top of the meteor. There they faced a being unlike anything they had ever faced or known about. A dark creature radiating red light, shaped as a humanoid with long, red hair and red-glowing eyes with a dark cloak around. A creature that emanated energies of an unknown form. The being attacked them, forcing them to fight. But the weapons they had brought were not powerfull enough, and they had to retreat or die.

The next weeks they spent down in the city, developing a plan and a strategy, trying to prepare for the unexpected. Powerfull weapons and special supplies was bought. And because they could not carry it all themselves, a local kid of twelve years old named Martin Bluewind was hired to function as their supply boy. They were very carefull to choose only a kid who had a kind and loving heart and good social skills. This time the four heroes would prevail.

By the carving of the eye they once again confronted the being. While three of them attacked it, the fourth and most knowledgeable and physical skilled would try to destroy the carving. The being eventually fell down unconscious after a hard struggle that they thought would never end. Telling the supply boy to stay and watch the being, they headed over to their fourth member in the hope of aiding him in his endeavour. As they came closer they were shocked to see him be obliviated by tiny meteors falling down from the sky. In fear and fury they take out their weapons to smash the eye carving, but too late...

Suddenly a dark, empty void started to surround them, and above their heads they could behold a huge, red eye, given shape by flames, the only source of light in any direction, and by no doubt the true enemy. Then a hole opened in nowhere and their supply boy appeared with the angered being following. Taking advantage of this as a distraction, the three heroes fired at the Eye with maximum firepower. Then whiteness covered their eyes and both minion being and Eye disappeared. The three heroes was then pushed out of the void and into the streets of the City of the Raiders in the real world. They had won. The powers from the meteor was failing and soon the world would start to heal itself. And then the meteor stopped floating in the air above the city...

On the top of a cliff a lone twelve year old boy watched as the city was consumed and dragged underground and into oblivion by the meteor. Clutching his hand above his wounded left eye, the boy tried to make sense of the events. Somehow he had been aware that the weapons was useless against the real enemy, somehow he had channeled the energies in the void and thrown them at the Eye at the same time as the weapons were fired, and somehow he had managed to arrive safely away from the city itself. And somewhere, deep inside him, something was telling him that the enemy would one day return...

Agnar Idsøe
7. April 2005


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