The Tale of Caiveen 2

Rise of Brutalos

The Downfall
Long time has passed since Kabel of the Second Moon fled. Long time has passed since the following Order of Darkness rose and fell. Long time has passed since Babel of the First Moon and the Ten Gods had been heard of. Caiveen is calm. Events became history, history became legend, and legend became myth...

The Universe had not felt the need to observe Caiveen for quite some time, aiming it's focus on other areas. Yet now something was nagging it, and it decided to return it's interest. And behold, the world had flowered and all scars had healed. Wast, amazing cities had grown, and population of life had grown with it. All kinds of sivilizations, all kinds of wonders and fascinations.

Yet the nagging continued, and the Universe looked closer on those sivilizations. And then it saw what caused the trouble, for humanity were torturing it's own kind. Kings and Emperors ruled with iron fists. Religious Orders were preying on the weak and the poor. Palaces and monuments of massive stone were pulled together through the use of slavery.

The Universe searched for the Gods, yet could not find them anywhere on the world. It therefore looked at the Moon of Babel, yet only Babel himself were there. The Universe expanded it's search, and behold, it found them on the ruined Moon of Kabel. And what the Universe saw puzzled it, because it also found nine great buildings variously located on the surface of the now dead moon. And thus the Universe looked into all of the buildings.

Lavion had created a lively palace and filled it with people whose origins came from Caiveen. Kiila had created a dark citadel devoid of anything alive. Zamar had created a castle and filled it with warriors and weaponry. Ekhor had created a golden pyramid filled with all kinds of rich possessions and servants. Miroon had created a plain fortress where he alone lived with mirrors around reflecting locations all over Caiveen. Kodd had created a crystalic bubble which surrounded itself both outside and inside with fog and mist. Elma had created herself a gigantic living tree with all manners of living plants growing on and around it. Areda had created a massive maze in a cave where sleeping people's minds would sometimes wander around in. And Naida had created a small cottage which seemed highly out of place.

The Universe could only find nine of the Gods, and the tenth, Kara, was not among them. But despite that, the Universe had seen the root of the problem on Caiveen, and it was that the Gods had distanced themselves and not done what they had truly been meant for. Yet the Universe was at a loss on how to remedy the situation, for it could not communicate with neither the lower or the higher beings of it's inhabitants.

Then a thought hit it with inspiration, and it went to the Moon of Babel. And as Babel went outside, a great unreal wind hurled him off his moon over to Kabel. And there did Babel behold the passivenes of the nine Gods, and he immediately went in rage to each of their homes to drag them back into reality. One by one he told the Gods to return to their duties, and one by one did they feel ashamed.

Yet when Babel went looking for the tenth God, Kara, he came to a loss for she was not on the Moon of Kabel. Even the Universe itself could not understand where she had gone, yet it knew that Kara was among the smartest of the Gods.

Now the nine Gods of Life, Death, War, Wealth, Power, Weather, Nature, Dreams and Destiny returned their attention towards the world of Caiveen, though they also made sure to keep an eye on Babel and his moon. The Gods thus beheld the horror which had grown among humanity, and even they were at a loss at what to do. They sought out their own Orders, and even there they found faults. The Gods appeared before the heads of their Orders, though at first they were believed to be frauds because the belief had vanished and been replaced with greed and suspicion. Yet the heads turned as divine wrath settled over those who sought power at the expence of others.

With the Orders converted back to the true paths of the Divine Ones, they now focused on sending out missionaries to convert the Rulers of the Nations. Yet Kings and Emperors would not budge, they would not give in, they would not listen. When the Order of Zamar received the remaining heads of his missionaries, a great rage came over Zamar himself. Even though the God of War did not dare unleash his personal power, he could still mass armies at his disposal. Before any of the other Gods could realize the situation, Zamar had entire armies marching against the greatest of all the nations, slaughtering anything attempting to resist. The King sent emissaries to negotiate peace, yet only the skin returned, result of being flayed alive.

And so a great King fell, causing terror to rize among other rulers, making them bend to the will of the Orders. Babel and the other eight Gods did not know whether to curse or bless Zamar, and it was decided to let the incident go.

But the Universe knew that nothing good would come of this...

- - -

The Rise of Demons
Centuries passed, and slavery vanished from Caiveen. Freedom and liberty became common luxury, and eventually the nine Gods could relax their grip on their Orders. From the two moons they now watched, interfering only when they saw the need. Yet for all they could see, the location of the tenth divinity, Kara, Goddess of Illusion, was not to be found. And the Universe felt worried for her.

Yet somewhere else, far away, the entity known as Kabel had found a cold, dead planet. Using what he had learned from what he had once created before, Kabel introduced life to this new location. From cold rock humanoid creatures arose. Yet these things were slow, and they lacked a will of their own. The material on the surface of this world was not enough, and Kabel dug deep towards the cold core to find something, anything, he could use. He eventually found a dark, consentrated metal, yet bringing it to the surface proved difficult. In his current shape his powers were far too limited to actually move something that wast and heavy.

Yet a memory came to Kabel, and he remembered the plants of Caiveen. And so Kabel created from the dark metals a whole new series of creatures, mindless entities which dragged themselves up towards the surface to blossom out dark crystals as if they almost were flowers. Kabel thus gave the humanoid rock things the ability to feed off these flower crystals, this giving rise to a whole new direction where a whole new and complete cycle of life could blossom into being.

Generation after generation came, and as creatures grew old and died, other younger creatures would advance into cannibalism beside their crystalic herbalism. As Kabel saw evolution take place all by itself, he marvelled at his own success. The things developed smoother surface skin, becoming even stronger, faster and more manoeuverable. Yet Kabel knew he one day would have to bring them to Caiveen, where gravity would cause the creatures to collapse once they entered the athmosphere. Thus Kabel nudged the evolution of his creatures, having them develop great wings and thin bodies.

Time passed, and the numbers of creatures grew beyond Kabels supervision. Unable to have full control of the evolution, some creatures developed towards unexpected abilities. Some even showed capability of cunning and intelligence, and some of those whom practised cannibalism went beyond feeding on the dead to feeding off the living. They became predators. Kabel then lost almost all control of evolution, and he saw that this was probably for the best. Life had found a way.

Recognising the rizing intellect in these creatures, Kabel made his move. To these creatures he was now a God, and from his knowledge of the ways on Caiveen he shaped a ruthless dictatorship where the supposedly strongest were allowed power. At first it was very simple, but Kabel knew strength alone would not be enough. He also knew that should he ever bring them back to Caiveen they had better be accustomed to warfare. Thus he split the creatures into different groups, having them do constant war against each other, developing and upgrading tactics and strategy.

And so the creatures named their world Brutalos, and they named Kabel as Kab'Alos. And so the brutalians became the dark slaves of Kabel, both in mind and body. Made in his image, made in his madness. And Kabel remembered what his first creations, the Rockmen, had sometimes been called by the humans. They had been called demons, and so Kabel would refer to his minions.

The Demons...

- - -

The Seperation
The Goddess of Destiny, Naida, awoke to the feeling of bafflement. She had never been able to explain it, but she had always somehow felt the future intentions of the Universe in general. She had always been in a state of half asleep, part of her continuosly having difficulty focusing on the reality around her. She had taken to copying real sleep, but without dreams. But now she awoke in her cottage on the Moon of Kabel, and she could feel the Universe searching for something.

The Universe was at a loss. The goddess of Illusion, Kara, was nowhere to be found. Nowhere on or around Caiveen at all. But the Universe was huge, a fact it itself knew perfectly well, and Kara could be anywhere. Then it felt something, a feeling of annoyance, and the Universe went to the source of this outside emotion. The Universe thus found itself focusing on Naida, whom kept trying to knock herself out with a... frying pan? The Universe really did not know what to make of this.

Naida, coming to her senses, put down the object of questionable intent. She had wanted to return to sleep, and was in a slightly morning mood where she hadn't really been thinking straight. But now she could suddenly feel the complete attention of the Universe upon her, and she was not happy about it. Not one bit.

The Universe knew something was wrong with Naida, but it did not know what. It sent a feeling of questioning through the bond it had with the Goddess of Destiny, and in some kind of answer Naida put her hands over her ears and shrieked about leaving her alone. The Universe now understood that even the mind of a Divinity was incapable of keeping sane with a constant mental link to the cosmic. And so the Universe severed the connection and left Naida, Goddess of Destiny, to go on without her mind-drifting ability. The Universe felt happy to know that the Goddess no longer had to endure the wast horror she had existed with for so long.

And as Naida suddenly found herself free of that dreadful link, she also found herself feeling lonely, afraid, and above all, empty...

- - -

The Return
The Gods had drifted apart. Ever since the fall of Kabel and the Dark Order they had started going in their own directions. Even though Babel had talked to them and made them realize the error of their passivenes, it had not been enough for them to appreaciate each others company much longer. Even Babel himself was less interested in keeping contact, seeing as he felt they never would fully outgrow their impulsive behaviour. No one barely noticed the absence of the Goddess of Illusion.

Caiveen itself had once more recovered. The incident invloving the armies of Zamar had gone into the history books, and many of the errors caused by the god's passivenes had been repaired. Yet history has a tendency to repeat. Humanity had taken to constructing advanced libraries and museums, and many historical texts and artifacts had become available to look at. And somewhere, in storage, was a small, black knife calling out.

Even though the Gods were carefully watching over the mortals, even though Babel was keeping an eye towards the stars, even though the Universe discovered many amazing facts in it's searh for Kara, the Dark Order was returning. Kabel still had a small part of himself inside the ancient knife, and though his previous human internal war failed, he had learned not to make the same mistakes. In secret, behind closed doors and among the shadows, the Dark Order slowly but surely gathered members. Members who were or became placed in key positions among the other Orders or among the political governments. The Dark Order grew in followers who had been lured with promises about a better, and above all, controlable world. Preying on greed and lust, on twisted wishes for justice and revenge, on all possible ways to create the downfall of Caiveen. Kab'Alos introduced himself as the Ultimate Creator, claiming that Babel and the ten Gods had taken away what was rightfully his. Anyone not of the Dark Order whom learned about it did not live to tell about it.

Yet Kab'Alos were not the only one to learn from the shadows. Upon the world of Brutalos another being had watched him for quite some time. Taking the appearence of a close henchman, the Goddess of Illusion, Kara, had learned much about the Dark Lord. She knew he sooner or later would take his demons to Caiveen, and she had to find out when. Yet Kab'Alos bided his time, and he often seemed like he was talking to someone not there. But she could not hear what he was saying, and she could not see what he was planning. In the end Kara decided to leave this horrible world and return to Caiveen. She just hoped the others had not messed with her own followers.

And so Kara returned to Caiveen, yet when she arrived she found it different. The Kingdoms of old were either gone or diminished, and the Orders were now in control. Yet the Orders were not working together, which reflected that the Gods themselves were divided. Now each Divinity had each their own Order, though Kiila still had many smaller ones. Seeing as Kara had shared an Order with Areda and Naida, she now found she had almost been forgotten and dismissed. Yet this did not trouble Kara, for she had no need for an Order of her own. She lived among the Shadows, covered in Illusion, wandering the World of Caiveen while searching for any influence remaining of Kabel, or Kab'Alos.

Kara did not wish to announce her return to her brothers and sisters, yet she felt the need to tell Babel of what she had seen on the World of Brutalos. She sough him out on the First Moon, though she was surprised at what she found. The residence was in decay, overgrown by vegetation, showing no sign of an occupant. Yet Kara found Babel inside, and she found him in a state of great sorrow. Yet when he saw the Goddess of Illusion, he brightened, and soon they conversed of what each had experienced. Yet when Kara left, she left Babel with a heavier heart. To Babel, Kabel had been a brother and a son, and even Kara could not imagine the pain of that broken bond.

And as Kara went down to Caiveen, she could hear... No, she could feel the Universe give a sigh, and she could feel the cosmic sadness around the Demon name of Kab'Alos. This Kara could not understand, for the Universe was not an actual being.

The Universe was happy that the Goddess of Illusion had returned...

- - -

The Discovery
Kodd, God of Weather, had always been slightly mischeavous. When the human creatures had learned sailing, the sea-sickness had been only the start of their problems. When they had learned to make structures, they soon also learned to reinforce them against wind and rain and passing hurricanes. And when they had learned about Kodd, they had learned that they were in for it now!

The Order of Kodd, no longer in league with Elma, had become especially interesting for farmers and sailors. Yet Kodd had lately taken less interest in Caiveen, reciding in his clouded bubble on the Moon of Kabel. After the recent event that brought the Orders into supreme power, Kodd had once more retired to his own home. He did keep his eyes and ears open should things once more turn wrong, but his actual interest had greatly diminished.

Then Kodd felt it. A feeling unlike any other he had ever felt before. No, he had felt it before, but not this strongly. He could feel it in the mist. A presence. Someone, or something, was watching him. But was it in here with him, or was it outside looking in. Kodd did what he seldom did. He focused. He looked into the mist, beyond the mist, at the mist. He concluded that it was not the mist.

Kodd kept staring. Did the air move? No, it remained. Kodd waved his hand, and as it went through he felt the presence between the air. But that did not make sense. There was nothing in the entire Universe that could be between the air... And the Kodd grinned! He had gotten it wrong. It was neither someone or something, but quite simply everything.

Feeling better than ever before, Kodd decided to keep his discovery to himself. As he went putside the bubble to get some moon air, he padded the Universe on the back and told it to come visit anytime. The Universe itself felt greatly surprised, and it decided to padd the God of Weather on the back in return.

Kodd was still laughing when he hit the ocean floor on Caiveen...

- - -

The New World
Having heard about Brutalos when listening to Kara, the Universe moved it's attention over there. Yet despite what it had overheard, the Universe had not expected what it actually found. It was life, but different from what was on Caiveen. Blackish creatures made from rock and metal, in many forms and variations. Crystalic plants of all shapes and sizes covered the ground almost like grass and trees. Some of the dark creatures had the minds of animals, while certain others had intellects comparable to those of Caiveen. Brutalos was not just some alternate world, but a totally functional eco-system.

Though the Universe could sense how Kab'Alos had created and corrupted this world, it marvelled at the success. It was brutal and hostile, with species at constant war. And Kab'Alos could be found wandering the world, overseeing his work, making sure it functioned to his desires. Yet though this world did not know peace and mercy, it did know order. Except from some of the ruling minds, these creatures were not all that bad. This was all they knew, being under the constant control of Kab'Alos.

While Kara had merely seen the darkness of this world, the Universe saw something more. Yet it knew that it could not allow itself to go against the order of this new world. In order for Kab'Alos to fall, the population of Brutalos would have to overthrow Him themselves, something which might take thousands or millions of years. The Universe had created life so it could learn, and though it did not like what it saw, that was no excuse to remove it. And it found it a disturbing thought that maybe Caiveen would actually fall to this world of demons. But it should not, would not, could not interfere. Brutalos had to make it's own path now.

The Universe looked over at Kab'Alos in his monstrous body. The dark being could, while in this vessel, suffer actual death. He still had wings, claws and the tail, yet it had grown and expanded even more. Even should the demons turn on him, they would suffer many casualties if they ever dared try. Yet something about this Demon God seemed off, as though he was lacking a part of himself. The Universe decided to leave Kab'Alos and Brutalos for now, and watch from a distance in order to learn more. And besides, the Universe had many other worlds to look after. Caiveen may have been favourite, but nature had to take it's course.

And back on Caiveen a small, black, rusty knife was taken out of a crate...

The Tale of Caiveen is far from over...

Agnar Idsøe
13. May 2007


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