The Tale of Caiveen 1

Beginning of Caiveen

The Creation
Once there was nothing. Once there was everything. A void and a universe. Both the same, both seperate.

Then the awakening came, and the void was filled. Elements formed and took shape, and existence became reality. Mass and energy, both the same, both different. And as the Universe came into being, it developed a consciousnes. Self creation.

Time moved, and the Universe expanded. A mathmatical structure came into being, creating order and chaos, and all around a consciousnes grew. Awareness and intelligence. Where once was nothing, now was a being. And now there were dimensions. Now there was a foundation.

Galaxies, suns, planets, moons... Debris and space. The Universe was alive. It was now no longer a baby, yet still only a child. For ages it played around, moving objects, shaping stars, experimenting and watching, doing whatever came into mind. Whole galaxies came and went, and the Universe expanded.

Time slowed, and the Universe grew bored. A new sensation, and a disturbing one. Other sensations arose, feelings it could not understand. But no one could explain. It was alone. The Universe was, despite all it had and all it was, alone. Thus it was that the universe created the first life to inhabit itself, a creature of energy and intelligence.

Time continued, but the Universe could not communicate with the being. The being was not even aware of it. But the Universe was content to watch it play and grow like itself once had done. The Universe thus learned about itself from this being, and new perspectives grew. And like the Universe had, the being expanded, matured, and grew bored.

The Universe then felt pity for the being, and so it created a friend for it. And as the two beings met, one advanced, the other newborn, the old one teached the new one what it knew. And so both Universe and the two beings were happy, and existence continued. Both of the beings then grew, learning and teaching each other, and the Universe with them.

Then came the first disagreement. The new one wanted to know where it came from, but the old one did not know or understand what that meant. The old one told the new one not to question what could not be answered, arguing that it had always been like it was and nothing had ever shown anything different. But the new one was not content, and believed the old one to be holding something back. Thus they parted, and the Universe did not know what it could do.

Yet though the conflict had bothered the Universe, for the first time it questioned its own existence. But it was alone, without a guide, and the two beings it had created knew less than itself. But no answer could come from without it, so it would have to seek within itself. It had created two lives, yet those would not be enough. It needed something more, something to be duplicated and able to experience more than the two first ones. But the Universe did not wish for the two to be aware of what it would do, and so it decided to create on a smaller scale.

The Universe thus sought out planets, making sure they were both far away from each other and from the two first beings. And so, on a microscopic level, life was poured onto the planets, small and unaware, ready to evolve by itself.

Slowly, slow beyond words, life by mass was created. From cold worlds to hot worlds, from one end of the Universe to another, from basicly nowehere, life came into being. Some developed better than others, while others merely vanished away. And the Universe felt joy at seeing all the different new beings, though still small, they were amazing to behold.

And on some of those planets life began to learn...

- - -

The Disaster
On one world, blue and green, life had grown beyond all others. Beings in the water had learned to leave and take hold on the land, to breathe from the air, to feed on the sun, to feed on the earth, to feed on each other. Animals and plants existing in a circle of recycling resources. Always in constant change, always adapting, always evolving.

The Universe was intrigued by this world, and it watched it closely as it expanded. Different shapes, different functions. At first they were basic and simple, small and plain, yet always bent on survival. Whole species would spawn others, while other species would turn extinct. That which was useless would vanish, and that which was effective would improve.

Time slowed. Not all creatures were small anymore. Some had grown far, far above the starting microscopic level. Stretching high into the air, on both four and two legs, while others flew all by themselves far above the others heads. This world was a success beyond what the Universe had hoped, even though it had not gained its answers. But maybe it never would...

Intelligence. Not even anything close to that of the Universe, yet some creatures showed intelligence. Some showed the capacity to manipulate their surroundings, to light small fires for warmth, to plant and grow plants, to create and shape tools for both planting and hunting. Different species of different shapes, though one proved more numbering than others, and that one was an ape walking straigth.

Then they came. The two first live beings, the First and the Second, they had sensed this world and they had come and arrived at the same time. And as they saw this world with all its life, that was when things went wrong. The First did not wish to interfer, but to watch and awe at this newfound revelation. But the Second was different minded, and it wished to research and experiment with this world in the hope to discover its own meaning. And the first thing the Second did, was to take a rock away from its flying route and direct it towards this world. And upon impact half the world was scorched in flames, and continents was thorn apart. Entire species died out, while others went mad. And for the very first time in its existence, the Universe was enraged.

The First was shocked and repulsed by what the Second had done, though the Second did not care for the thoughts of the First. The world was damaged, yet it seemed like it might live to heal. But the First did not dare to let the Second attempt another mindless experiment. Thus the First seeked out a moon and placed it around this world, then hollowed it out and enforced the surface. Its intention was to seal the Second inside it and lock it there until this world would be no more. But the Second could guess the thoughts of the First, and it would not be tricked inside. Yet someone else agreed with the First, and suddenly an unseen force dragged the Second inside the moon and closed the entrance shut. Thus the First was relieved, though it never knew what had helped it in the first place. The Universe could not resist to feel a bit smug.

The First knew it had done what had needed to be done, and it did not regret. But it did decide to help restore the world as much as it could, though always being careful so as not to cause another disaster. The intelligent species would always remember, though not understand, the day the world was split and a Second moon appeared in the sky. And as the First took residence on the original moon, its presence was detected and believed to be the soul of that moon. And thus the intelligent species would name the First and its resident moon as Babel, and the Second and its prison moon as Kabel.

But Kabel was not defeated...

- - -

The Superior
Intelligence had entered a new stage, and the ability to tell stories had started. Stories of spirits, of heroes, of history, of origins and of endings... Instinct could be repressed and philosophy could be explored. Though it all started dumb and simple.

The Universe had learned to watch, and now it would learn to listen. As the stories was told one genereation after another, they would expand and head in new directions, just like evolution itself had done. They would serve all kind of purposes, and they would help expand the minds of the intelligent species even further. Their imagination now went beyond tools and food. Where once was caves now came tents. Where once was tents now came huts. Huts into houses, villages into cities. From tree to stone, to brickshaped mortar. Houses into mansions, to palaces, to temples...

Their minds and capabilites had evolved beyond expectations, yet they were still limited to only what they knew. And what they knew was stories, wild imagination, not affected by the mathmatical logic of the universe. Where had once been told of heroes was now something else, and something more. Legendary people was believed to still be alive, to be immortal and invincible, to be the Gods of the World! And the belief in Gods grew, giving names to one after another, symbolizing both the real and the emotional, the clear and the abstract. And the Universe was astonished to hear of things that did not exist.

Gods. Once the Universe would not even have understood this concept, but watching and listening to stories had expanded its own perception of existence, and it made a decision. It decided to create Gods, though careful so as to avoid another planetary disaster. These Gods was based on the physics of Babel, though much more limited, with restricted powers, and with personalities based on their own symbolizations. The Universe started small, though, choosing basics and avoiding impossibilities.

Lavion, God of Life
Kiila, Goddess of Death
Zamar, God of War
Ekhor, God of Wealth
Miroon, God of Power
Kodd, God of Weather
Elma, Goddess of Nature
Areda, Goddess of Dreams
Naida, Goddess of Destiny
Kara, Goddess of Illusion

Chaos. Ten Gods had been unleashed, and they were all children, created with the drive to control what they symbolized. It was clear that they were not ready for the world, and the world was definetly not ready for them. The Universe was loath to lock them away as it had done with Kabel, so instead it pulled them away and throw them on the moon of Babel. Babel had learned from the world and had created a wast residence in resemblance to that of the intelligent species, and when the ten Gods suddenly appeared and started tearing it apart he knew immediately what he had to do. He had to make them stop it!

The project which Babel was now to do would prove to become amuzing. For the Universe, that is. Though the divinities were far less powerful than him, they could still cause mayhem. He knew they were not fit to roam the world yet, and so he grounded them to his moons gravity. Luckily he had watched the mortals and seen how they had raised children, though he also knew this would be nothing at all like that. They would need to know three basics before they could be unleashed again; ethics, self growth and self control. But each divinity was different, and they had to be thaught in varied ways. And some was more difficult than the others.

Lavion and Kiila proved to be the more serious ones, and they seemed to understand what was explained the best. Clearly they were the more balanced ones, and they set an example for the other eight. But whereas Lavion took things light and with great humor, Kiila proved to be cold and seclusive, and all but Lavion would stay away from her. Lavion and Kiila were the first Gods which Babel considered behaved enough to leave.

Elma, Areda and Naida were the next to leave. Elma had proven to be quite the gardner, and though she sometimes got over her head, at least she could be trusted not to make a jungle out of the house anymore. Areda had been very difficult at first, especially because she could always reach the dreams of the mortals and affect them, though after Babel had told her to watch his dreams when he slept, then she had learned things even the others could not imagine. Naida, however, had always been something of a mystery, because she had always seemed to be half in another place most of the time, and her problem had been that she didn't pay attention to her surroundings. But in the end all of them was seen fit to leave.

Kodd was a loner, he was a bully, and he was noisy. At first it had seemed like he would be the hardest to teach, but then the other nine had got tired of his mischief and ganged up on him. Since then he had been a different person, always slightly on the edge, though he eventually regained his selfcertainty. And as he then left the moon, with a boom, Kodd had become the nicest and friendliest God of them all, though he could still be a little mischeavous.

Zamar, Ekhor and Miroon proved to be the truly difficult ones, for they would constantly fight among each other, not to mention cause severe damage to Babels residence. Eventually Babel found a way to get their attention. Zamar would only respect someone with the strength to beat him up, Ekhor could be bribed, and Miroon could be persuaded by show of superior abilities. Slowly but surely these three divinities was seen fit, if barely, to return back to the world.

Kara. She proved to be much smarter, more clever, and very different from the nine other Gods. She had always stayed in the background, watching and hiding, almost never noticed. For a long time Babel thought there were only nine of them, and the other divinities let him stay in that belief because then Kara was free to leave the moon whenever she wanted. But she decided to stay with her siblings, mostly because she didn't want them to forget her. Shortly after Babel had allowed the last ones to leave, Kara made a sudden appearence in front of him and thanked him for the great time she had spent there. And as she left, Babel could have sworn that the Universe in general was sniggering at him. He didn't know that he was correct.

And thus the Gods went to find their place in the world...

- - -

The Moon of Kabel
Kabel was sealed away, unable to escape, and his powers limited to his moon. For a long time all he could do was bounce on the walls without leaving a dent, screaming in frustration. But eventually he managed to calm and focus his thoughts. He thought of the creatures he had seen down on the world, and though he could not go down there himself, he could perhaps send someone else. But who? He was all alone inside, and the outer surface was plain and empty.

Kabel sent out his thoughts and scanned the surface again and again, yet finding nothing but rock and dust. He did not know much about life beyond himself, and his experiments down on the world had ended before they could properly begin. But perhaps there was a way. He seemed to recall a certain specie of hairless ape, and perhaps he could use that shape as a standard. But he would need resources, yet all he had was his moon. Yes, the moon! Hard mass would be difficult to shape, but if it was liquid...

Volcanoes erupted, and the moon of Kabel was covered in burning oceans of melted rock and metal, with ashes spreading throughout the thin athmosphere. The inner core itself could not be breached through, not even in this way, but if this worked Kabel would not need to leave. He then sent out his mind again, and he found the adequate material running through the lava. He connected the proper points, and suddenly a creature of liquid minerals wandered up from the rivers. Though Kabel could not make one that would think or work by itself, he himself should be able to move it around by force of will. He had found a flaw in Babels design.

There was, of course, still a flaw in Kabels plan as well. He could not get the thing off the moon because of the gravity. He could not jump it from even the highest peak, nor run and jump from the wide plains. Yet at least now he could watch down on the world or over towards the other moon where Babel resided. Bored, Kabel played with his moons surface and his seperate lava body. What else was there to do?

Then it struck him! The answer was right there, on his moon. With proper force he could use a volcano to send the lava body away from the athmosphere enough to defeat gravity. It took time, though, and tries after tries with increase in power. But finally Kabel made it, and the thing was hurled away. It was a long swim through emptiness, though, yet eventually it paid off and his lava body went into the athmosphere of the world. It went downhill from there. Not metaphorically.

What happened next was just enough to make Kabel furious. His lava body was eaten up by the athmosphere as it descended, and finally only a small piece made it down, crashing into a lake. Now merely a hunk of metal, solidified, unanimative. But at least he had a nice view of the bottomlife of this lake.

Time came and went, waving to Kabel. But he knew patience, and it paid off. A hairless ape was swimming down on the bottom, and then it felt a presence. The ape then found the lump, picked it up, and took it with it. Kabel was then able to study this ape, and for some time the lump stood on a shelf in what this hairless ape called a house. Kabel then learned how to understand the language these apes used, and he learned to call them humans instead. He then observed one generation after another of this human's family, until his lump was one day sold to something called a blacksmith. There his lump was hammered into a new shape, a small and strange item known as a knife. And then the knife went into other hands, and for a long time Kabel was able to observe humans from a unique perspective. He especially observed that humans had a habit of killing each other.

Kabel had learned a lot about the world, and he longed to be there for real. But first he would need a volunteer, one which could travel to his moon and be used for his design. And eventually he was in the hand of a suitable one, an adventurer who liked to climb mountains. Kabels knife was then dragged all the way to one of the highest mountains of all, and there he planted a thought into the human's mind. The thought to jump off the world. Kabel knew, of course, that this would be impossible, but he didn't need all of this humans remains. As the human madly jumped into the air, Kabel sent his mind into a nearby small, flying creature with a beak, and then had the beast peck out the eye of the human and bring it out into the emptiness above the world and beyond reach of gravity. The beast lived long enough to throw the eye, and then Kabels mind went back into the knife.

Time passed, and eventually a frozen eye reached the moon of Kabel. As it entered the atmosphere, melting and burning, Kabel had just enough time to focus his real mind on the microscopic structure of it. But it was enough, and Kabel now had an idea on how to create his own real lifeforms, though they would not be as good as the originals. Not at first, anyway.

Kabel was ready...

- - -

The Darkness
For centuries now the Gods had guided the world, each in their own ways. Lavion had founded an Order whose duty lie in the curing of the sick and the preaching of morality, while Kiila was represented by several smaller Orders. Zamar was more of a guide to the soldiers without a clear Order. Ekhor and Miroon had gained a common Order, though it mainly was a focus for corrupted nobles and bureaucrats. Kodd and Elma, too, had a common Order which was mainly focused among those who knew labour. Areda, Naida and Kara each had their own Orders, though these were more in the background of the mortals daily lives.

But the ten Gods had not forgotten their mentor, Babel, and they had made sure to have an Order made especially for him. Thus Babel would loose his sleep as he heard the prayers calling to the Lord of the First Moon, and once more he could feel a great presence snigger at him.

Thus the World, which now was called Caiveen, had become as peaceful as one could expect from a world filled with sivilized primitives. Yet all good things must end, and now they certainly did. From the second moon of Kabel came falling pieces of rock, crushing into the ocean, causing disruptive tidal waves. Then They came, the dark creatures of rock and metals. Up from the oceans, across the beaches, and into the lands where the intelligent creatures resided. Kabel had come to continue his research.

They came by surprise. Whole cities destroyed, whole countries torn apart. As refugess escaped from the nightmarish horrors, whole armies rose and united to fight against the Rockmen. At first there were little hope, but as new tricks to defeat these creatures came about the tides eventually turned. Several of these things had been damaged when they fell through the athmosphere, while others had been damaged by the ocean water. And because these Rockmen had hot, liquid cores, ways was found to crack them open and cool them down. Thus Kabels first wave was grounded into the dust, and seeing as no reinforces arrived the battle was presumed won.

Time passed, and all was not well. The devastations caused by the Rock War had laid waste to much of what had been built. It was unclear as to what the Rockmen had truly wanted, and little made sense. But Babel wanted answers, so he went to the moon of Kabel. What he saw there terrified him beyond anything. Everywhere lay heaps of humanoid rock formations, things which had died after experiment upon experiment. Some were even still alive. And there, among the heaps, was a great hole. Babel went closer and looked down. There he saw Kabel, yet it was not Kabel. It was a human created by rock and metal, and inside was the full mind of Kabel.

The things Kabel had sent to the World had not been an invasion, but a test. A test to see what weaknesses Kabel would encounter once he came down there with this all new body. And once Kabel saw Babel above him, he sent the surface against him. Babel had to flee away from the moon and warn the Gods and the World of Caiveen itself.

Babel told the full story of Kabel to the ten Gods. Reactions were varied, but they agreed to stop this before it was too late. Thus Kabel was visited there, on his moon, by them. He always remained calm, and he made no attempt at force. The Gods, however, were not in the mood to analyze the situation, and thus they made a terrible mistake as they focused their powers against the dark, humanoid being standing at the bottom of a hole. The full blast of the God's power thus crushed down the humanoid being, and went into the core of the moon itself. But Kabel remained unharmed, and because of the God's recklessnes he was now free!

The mistake was made. The Gods had to flee as they realized the wastnes of Kabel, because Kabel was just as powerful as Babel, and not even combined had the Gods ever stood up to their mentor. Yet the crack was small, and it took Kabel time to pass completely through it. As the Gods excused themselves to Babel, Babel himself realized there was nothing they could do. Kabel was returning, and he would become a bigger problem than ever before.

Finally completely free, Kabel felt too exposed after all that confinement. Thus he created a new humanoid body, this time with wings, claws and a tail. But as he tested it to see if it would fit, someone else had decided to take a hand. Once again Kabel found himself trapped, unable to leave the body. Somehow his entire energy pattern had fused itself to it, though he regained his other wast powers. But one thing was clear to him; should this body be destroyed, then he would face death.

The Universe watched as Kabel flew as far away from Caiveen as he could...

- - -

The Dark Order
The threat of Kabel was gone, yet the scars remained. The World of Caiveen lived on, and as time passed the Rock War shaped into a Legend. Stories were told of magical battles and divine conflicts, and the war itself became something grander than what it truly had been. And without the Gods and Babel knowing, a new Order was born...

The Order of Kabel, a mass of people believing him to be the one, true God. The Legend had got twisted. It started small, yet those who preached were great of mouth, and more would fall into the trap. A mad belief in burning rocks and burning flesh. A belief where people would both willingly and unwillingly be sacrificed through fire and stone.

The Gods took little notice, for humans had always believed in the weirdest things and made the weirdest sacrifices. Too late they saw the danger. Too late did they see the growth of this Order. And way too late did anyone see the armies...

Across the world they went, armies seeking to join the living with their Great God, Kabel. To send the heathen wrongbelievers into the blazing netherworld to serve and slave. To kill all who did not pray to Kabel. And thus the Gods were shocked as the greatest cities of Caiveen were overrun and destroyed by the Dark Order, and whole populations were sacrificed in the name of madness.

The Gods were appalled, Babel was tormented, and the Universe was furious. Half of Caiveen was under the control of the Dark Order before the Supreme beings could recover from the shock, and they did not know how to react. Thus each of the ten Gods reacted each in their seperate ways, some more brutal than others. Lavion gave life to the ashes of the dead, causing them to rise and fight their murderers. Kiila went down among the living, taking a shape of horror and causing suicidal hysteria. Zamar rallied waves upon waves of barbarian hordes to slaugther what they could see. Miroon summoned fire from the sun to rain down and crush that in his sight. Kodd made the wind cold and fast, causing thundering storms and windy whirlwinds. Elma made the plants lift up and drag the unsuspecting ones into the earth. Areda let nightmares roam so people would never dare sleep. Naida herself would lead priests of her own to preach about the horrors awaiting the worshippers of Kabal, stoping the talk of the wonders of Kabel.

Yet Kara was the one who truly changed the tides, for she created an image of Kabel high in the air, in unimaginable great size. And she created the words in all peoples minds, and they heard the dreadful tale of how they had been duped by the madness. How Kabel had laughed at their sorrows and pain, how he had manipulated them, how he had fooled them and humiliated them... And thus all people of the Dark Order would feel betrayed, where some would fall on their own swords, while others would run away and as far away as they could. And so the lies created by Kara to cover a greater lie saved the remaining half of Caiveen.

With the world calming down and civilization restoring itself, Babel summoned the ten Gods to his home. And there on his moon all of them, except Kara, was thoroughly scorned for their improper behaviour during this crisis. Only Kara received any praise, though Babel questioned what she had chosen for the illusion to claim. Yet in the end Babel told all of the ten Gods to keep their powers and their fury in check, and should a new crisis ever arrive they would go for a less destructive path.

And down on Caiveen the head of the Dark Order lay decomposing and rotting on the field while scavengers pried a small, black knife from his cold, dead fingers...

The Tale of Caiveen is far from over...

Agnar Idsøe
8. December 2006


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