The Aftermath 4

Among the Oblivion

So far so good
Ages has come and ages has gone. The Age of the Ancients is forgotten, a memory corrupted by the two thousand years of the Age of the Titans. Where once was technology it has now turned towards magic as the Age of the Wizards changed the way of humanity forever. Followed by the Age of the Growth both men and elves would rise through a thousand years, igniting hostilities with the greenskinned ones, while the scaled Lizard Men kept to themself. But elves divided and some became orcs, and thus the Age of the Divided gave bloom to the Race Wars with whiteskins and greenskins as opposing enemies, lasting for seven hundred years. The Race Wars did not end until near the end of the Age of the Species, a short three hundred years where all power turned and necromancy was born.

Through these five thousand years life had been manipulated by alien forces from an ancient meteor long forgotten, though someone had waited and was ready to destroy the forces within. So it was that the Shattering came, and the manipulation ended. Life went on, and through another long thousand years the Age of the Will brought forth both chaos and order. The Lizard Men vanished, but were not gone. The UnDead came to power, yet stayed calm. Religion shaped the world of the southern continents. A villain known as the Raider became more a legend than reality, while a hero known as Zordon became a reality of justice. Stability of life was provided by the Bluewind Industries.

- - -

A Lost Chapter
The Continent of Geomania was a wasteland of islands, barely inhabited except by monsters and worse. With the humans, dwarves and UnDead living on the Continent of Aeromina, and the elves and greenskins living on the Continent of Hydroena, all has calmed down into prosperity and stability. But something is unaccounted for...

The Continent of Pyroica. A harsh and cold place, untouched by religios nonsense and intinctive hatreds. While the rest of the world was enlighted, Pyroica became sensible and logical. Most of the great cities fell and crumbled due to the earthquakes following after the Shattering, and eventually one, and only one, was rebuilt from scratch with great modifications against disasters. Neo Doombone thus became the center of the Pyroica Continent, while the rest of their lands were filled with well protected smaller towns and villages, spreading the population out.

Yet earthquakes were but one of the dangers on Pyroica. The oceans were filled with leviathanic monsters, and sailing between the islands were dangerous, with reaching the other continents impossible. The remaining forests had withered and greyed, succumbing to the spirits dwelling around since the necromancers fell. The cold itself made life even harsher, and with little wood available the winters were a test all by themselves. But despite all that was bad, there was something even worse. High up in the Cold Zone another specie had settled down, fugitives which had flown from the Geomania Continent, the last remaining dragons in the world.

Four centuries passed like this. Only the hardest warriors and the coldest wizards could keep the dragons back. Only by magic could sea travels go safely and proper burning materials be made. But bit by bit was the conditions winning over the humans. The dragons had multiplied and pushed more and more south, and even all the way down in Neo Doombone could the hunger from the destruction of farms be felt. A miracle was needed.

Martin Bluewind. A strange man had come to Pyroica, and he saw that things were not well. He came to Neo Doombone and offered his help, and though they could not see how, the despairing leaders accepted. And so Bluewind travelled to the Cold Zone and seeked out the new Dragon Empress, Lailah, to offer an alliance between humanity and dragonkin. At first Lailah refused the offer and ordered Bluewind killed, but after having had five dragons slain by Bluewinds knives she eventually decided to listen. And so it was that the Dragon Empress and her kin travelled to Neo Doombone to create a treaty with the leaders of men. To ensure a long lasting mark the entire deal was written and signed large on a giant stone slab which was placed lying down on the great market inside the Capitol Neo Doombone. (Originally they intended to use paper, but dragons have difficulty writing with pencils on small pieces of paper, and they had difficulty reading all that fine print.) And so the human leaders, Empress Lailah and Martin Bluewind all signed their names into history, though Bluewind was kinda reluctant for some reason.

Slowly but surely humans and dragons learned to live side by side. The dragons proved to be great help, both because they could fly the humans over all that dangerous ocean between their islands, and because they didn't have to be inside the forests to get firewood. In return for the aid the humans could properly mass produce both meat and vegetables, and seeing as dragons only had to eat once a month it was easy to come to some agreement regarding food delieveries.

With the problems of monsters, spirits, hunger and heat basicly dealt with, the people of Pyroica could get down to improvement of sivilization. Eventually a proper united council was created and established in Neo Doombone, consisting of powerful wizards, mighty warriors, one dragon ambassador, commoners, and city people, plus an extra chair for Bluewind for whenever he decided to drop by. With time these five-six factions ended up as proper parties with a leader in each, and thus the Firebreath Council became the main power of the Continent of Pyroica.

The Wizards, wielders of magic who both guides and protects the people from the supernatural forces. Spread all over Pyroica and doing both good and not good enough deeds. They have always been an important piece of the Pyroica societies, and often they have great influence in local politics. It should be mentioned that Pyroican wizards hate the mere mention of necromancy, and few dare speak of it in their presence unless it is an emergency.

The Knights, warriors in shining armor who protects and bullies the people from both physical and criminal forces. Not exactly an order, but close enough to look the part. Their role greatly diminished after the alliance with the dragons, so today they are mostly just lazy people with a sword and a title doing mercenary stuff.

The Dragonkin, which is basicly the Dragon Empress Lailah and all of the dragons on the Pyroica Continent, survivors from Geomania after the Shattering. Because they don't mind the cold very much they have an excellent living condition up in the Cold Zone, especially now that the humans gives them food in exchange for a little easy labor. However, the dragons are very intelligent and very, very, very powerful, and should the treaty ever be violated there could be trouble. But for some strange reason the humans can't get, all dragons fear Martin Bluewind, and for more reasons than they are willing to tell. (I wonder why.)

The Country League. The Pyroica Continent is mostly a real lot of farmlands, wastelands and forests, and food is always a little bit scarce. That is why livestock breeding and farming is such an important piece of the daily lives, while any attempts to go fishing mostly ends up with lethal wounds. In Pyroica it is said that he who makes the food writes the bill, and therefore the peasants has a real lot to say about the rulership.

The City League. Neo Doombone is the capitol of the Pyroica Continent, and it is there that all the leaders make the big decisions. The city is also the grandest of all cities, and the inhabitants feel very highly of themself and always tries to get a bigger piece of the cakes. And because many of the leaders end up living in this city they tend to be a little friendly with their neighbours.

Mister Martin Bluewind, greatest hero ever and saviour of Pyroica, a man who strikes fear into dragons, a man with an amazingly long lifetime. Though he often vanish years at a time, he always returns to check that everyone hasn't killed each other off yet.

Agnar Idsøe
10. November 2005


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