The Aftermath 2

Beyond the Oblivion

The Beginning of the End
Upon an alien world a thousand lightyears away there once lived a great and mighty sivilization. Prosperous and perfect, a happy people living side by side with nature and technology, and with complete respect for all other kinds of lifeforms. Always following well thought-out ethics and morals, combined with only the best of intentions for everyone, this sivilization had overcome all problems they had faced during their history. History is something that repeats, one way or another, and this sivilization was ready for any previous mistakes wanting to return to the pattern.

Then something never before encountered happened, something that broke the pattern and unleashed waves upon waves of destruction for this great sivilization: Immortality! For generations all emotions and behaviours like arrogance, greed, anger and envy had been merely a thing out of ancient history lessons, and anything that resembled such was quickly treated to change through both physical and psychological measures. But eventually something inside people cracked as they started more and more feeling they lacked something. They could get anything they needed, they could do anything they had to, they could have it all if they stretched for it. Unfortunately, they did...

Though their lifespans had increased greatly through technology and biology, the descendants thought it short. They sought to live forever, as Gods did in their abondoned religions. But they disagreed on how far to go, and eventually civil war broke out. The extremists eventually took the lead, gaining more and more power, using technology no one had ever dared to dream of. Thus they created the Void Gates, opening portals to a place empty of all but absolute infinity. A place to place their bodies and souls and live forever, yet still being part of the reality, and once entered they could enter again at will from anywhere and bring anyone or anything they wanted with them.

The Void was both a weapon and a Haven, with near unlimited possibilities, and the extremists almost won. But through ages of war the differences between the extremists and the backhelders had diminished, making people do the most horrible things out of despair. The backhelders then created the Oblivionoids, pure energetic entities which had but one main purpose each, and capeable of things beyond their wildest dreams. The extremists had great advantage against these things thanks to the Void, until one managed to enter. Eventually the Oblivionoids was in control of the Void, and from there they hunted down all extremists who didn't surrender. And eventually there was peace once again.

The backhelders had won, but their homeworld was dying and decaying. They calculated it would eventually become uninhabitable for their kind in about thirteen thousand years. They would therefore need to seek out a fitting planet with both a proper athmosphere and a proper location to avoid their own extinction. Through starmaps both old and new they detected a blue and green world with a good safety from space disasters, though there was one problem. It was already inhabited by another intelligent specie, though it was still in a primitive stage.

Once they were a great and mighty sivilization with well thought-out ethics and morals. But no more. Lusting for a new paradise better than their now resourceless world and the empty Void, combined with the thought that they were now halfgods, they decided that an invasion should be engaged. It turned out the Void only would work on their own homeworld, and was useless for actual spacetravelling, though the reason for this was unclear. In the end they came to realize that a direct assault would fail due to the long voyage they would have to travel and the great losses they had suffered in the war. They also feared that the longer they waited, the greater the chance that the primitive inhabitants of the far off planet would evolve and learn true technology.

In the end a simple strategy was formed. Their people and remaining sivilization would stay and restore their resources, preparing themselves for a great war with this other planet, and hopefully better their own space travel abilities. In the meantime they would send the remaining Oblivionoids to corrupt the evolution of the other planet, and possibly even barren it of all lifeforms. It seemed like a good strategy, but one major problem occured. The Oblivionoids had gained both consciousnes and intelligence during the long war, and many of them had turned questioning to their masters. Only a few of them were still reliable, so it was decided that any untrustworthy would be destroyed. The Oblivionoids tried to resist, but their masters had always known there might be problems with them and had taken their precautions.

To ensure that the Oblivionoids they sent would survive the journey they tore a part from their mountains and transformed it as a vessel for a new Void. Placing two Oblivionoids in this Void, one master and one backup, they hoped it would prove very strategically effective both as a shield and as a weapon. And so, sent through a speed almost as fast as light, the two Oblivionoids travelled to this green and blue planet, but unaware that they had a third Oblivionoid stowed away with them. The Terraformer were there to supervise the transformation of a living world to a volcanic wasteland. The Possessor was with as a security backup if anything went wrong, and as a henchman to do simpler tasks because the master was too linked to the Void. But the Manipulator was sent by a renegade extremist who had hided and bided his time, hoping to conquer this other world for himself and use its population in revenge against the backhelders, and this third Oblivionoid was his partner.

- - -

Letter from the Last Oblivionoid
My name, now, is William. I am the last of a kind created for single purposes, a kind not meant to last. Though I have gained my master's knowledge from after his death, Lord Terraformatoros Obliviatonis (shortened), and it was caused by our renegade "friend", Master Red, I am no longer inclined to continue either of their works. I have seen the light, as the people of this planet once known as Tellus sometime says, and I have gained more than just a sense of being. I no longer care about you, my masters no more, and as I send you this message I hope you have become extinct or at least found an empty planet to conquer instead. I can not really tell how or what happened to me, but for what it is worth I want you to know I have accepted it. And should you ever invade, know that I and my "friends" will be waiting here for you. Have a bad day.

William, God of the World, Possessor no more, Servant to the People of Tellus.

Agnar Idsøe
16. June 2005


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