The Aftermath 1

Rise from Oblivion

The Battle of Sight
At the end of the Age of the Species a great battle between mortal fighters and a demon from beyond the stars took place on the Continent of Geomania. Little truth is known about this encounter, but it is clear that the mortals were the victorious ones. But the victory was not without casualties, seeing as both the Swamplands where the Lizard Men lived was thoroughly devastated, and the sandfilled Charoon Desert was melted due to some unexplained cataclysmic explosion. Because of the destruction of the Wizard Tower and the City Walls in and around the great City of Kwan, the population had to evacuate in panic and chaos, resulting only in holefilled reports. Whatever that truly happened back then would eventually become the basis for a high amount of structural changes, not only for the Continent of Geomania, but the entire world.

- - -

The Fall of the Reptile People
The Lizard Men, intelligent beings with a great sense of honor and politics, also known as the scaled. Shortly before the demon later refered to as Sight was battled, the Emperor of Swampton was assassinated by poison, and several of his oldest sons went the same way. However, by accident the very same poison had been found in the possession of the second youngest son, Prince Drain DeSwamp of Swampton. After trial he was sentenced to banishment into the Charoon Desert, and thus the last remaining son was crowned Emperor of the Lizard Tribes. Inspired by Prince Drain, the ArchChancellor decided to drug the new Emperor and take control for himself. Shortly later the cataclysmic explosion occured, and many casualties, especially among royalties, Emperor and ArchChancellor included. Then Prince Drain returned, aided by a mysterious, dark figure in a black robe, thus being their greatest hope in survival. And so arose Emperor Drain DeSwamp of Swampton, creating stability to a wounded people. Many years later Emperor Drain was assassinated by his one and only son, though this was never proved. After that the black robed figure vanished.

In the ages to come the Lizard Men would change. Their great swamp cities had been destroyed in what they would come to refer to as the Unsighted Cataclysm, and as they rebuilt they abondoned much of their previous traditions. With the great City of Kwan vanishing into oblivion, so did Swampton. Far away from the other sivilizations the Lizard Men slowly but surely went into a more harsh life of survival, with honor and politics getting highly influenced by stealth, trust and fighting. The Empire of Swampton finally fell when the third Emperor after Drain died in a futile attempt to reunite the Tribes. In the times to come the Lizard Men became an enigma unto all other races and species, and few outsiders would be let into the Swamplands of Madness.

- - -

The Death of Master Red
After the incident on the Continent of Geomania a report in several copies was sent to most of the guilds in Guildia City down on the Continent of Aeromina. It stated that Master Red had died by the hands of the Raider, the most notorious villain ever to live, though it didn't really go into any details. This one message then ignited a chain reaction among all of the industries which had been affected by Master Reds previous influence. Soon one business after another either collapsed or suffered major setbacks, and the entire merchant industry was shaken beyond belief. In all children orphanages times went hard, and countless kids had their hearts broken as they came to realize that Master Red was truly gone and there would be no more stories to hear. The economony of the world broke down, spreading from the City of the Guilds to all corners of sivilization in the world. In the future to come the Raider was both blessed and cursed for his actions, because it now became clear that Master Red had been bending the world to his own will.

The Continent of Geomania was nearly abondoned after the fall of Kwan. The Continent of Pyroica eventually distanced itself from the rest of the world in hope to diminish the influence of economic chaos. The Continent of Hydroena, which basicly was populated by elves, orcs and minor greenskins, went into a more selfrelying status where they avoided the usage of money based situations. And on the Continent of Aeromina both the King and the Wizards of Guildia joined together to take control back from the guilds in hope of stabilizing the tides of darkness yet to come. Only two groups of people really prospered; the mining dwarves and the religious priests.

- - -

Divine Deviation
The centuries went by, and the population of monsters increased. The oceans especially had been affected by the geological disturbances on the Continent of Geomania, and the Charoon glasslands was shattered and drowned by the forces of nature. The monsters of the Doom Mountains, the Wastelands, the Grass Lands of Lawn, and the Halflands was forced to quickly adapt themselves to great waves of water, and soon the surrounding oceans became filled with all kinds of leviathanic beings. Sailing between the continents then became very difficult, splitting the world further apart.

Among the greenskins things went rough. Orcs, trolls, goblins, gremlins, imps, ogres and locustins all started to seperate from each other. No longer at war with the whiteskins, without the system of capitalism, though with societies based on strength. Then things went out of hand when a single orc saw a redglowing man flying in the sky, and cursed by his curiosity he followed after this being. Eventually engaging this shapechanging creature in conversation he was awestruck by the powers radiating from it, and when learning that its name was William he came to realize he was talking to God. Believing it to be his duty he rallied believers to spread the word of this deity, and eventually he rose to become the Grand Shaman above all orcs. Generations went by and their new religion spread. Words twisted, and the orcs came to believe they had been touched directly by the Great God William, and eventually they decided to share their belief with their fellow greenskins. Unfortenly a barrier had been raised among the species of the greenskins, and for the orcs to tell the others about the all powerfull William, those barriers had to be crushed into the dust. Literally!

Among the withdrawn elves things went nice. Further expanding their magical knowledge they started to seek out the origin of this mighty power. After thorough consideration they sent what they would call the Seekers of Mana beyond their borders to bring back whatever bits and pieces of information they could find. Not all returned, and most of those who did had little to show for their actual quest. However, they did bring back the rumors of the orcish God William, and though the Seekers didn't really care about it, others did. Unable to discover the origin of magic by exploring the world, some of the elves sought the answers within themselves. Some elves even thought there might be truth in the "twisted and demonic" ways of the orcs. And so the Seekers was sent out once again to search for William. The incoming reports was astounding. Not only had there been actual sightings of this divine being, some of the Seekers themselves claimed they had seen Him with their own eyes. And so the elves slowly but surely turned religious, retwisting the teachings they had learned from the orcs into more elven ways, and above all claiming that William is an Elven Deity befouled by the barbaric teachings of the orcs. From here on magic was refered to as Willpower.

There was still a little shipsailing between the Aeromina and the Hydroena Continents, and both the elves and the orcs brought their teachings of the divine God William to the human race. Though the royalties did not care much about this new religion, the Wizards of Guildia took a great deal of interest in the part about Willpower. Not completely acknowledging the actual teachings of the elves, the wizards could see patterns emerging based upon those teachings. Thus the wizards decided to encourage the growth of this religion, even taking a little heart to it themselves. As time passed the Temple of Will grew, twisting both the orcish and the elven teachings into a religion more suitable for their own human lifestyle.

With the orcs becoming the ruling specie among the greenskins, the City of Blaze became the Great Capitol and the location of the Supreme Temple of the War God. The Elves also made their Divine Capitol Elvor the location of their Arch Temple of the God of Willpower. And the Kingdom of Guildia expanded beyond its borders, granding the Grand City of Guildia as the true location of the Grand Church of the God of Life. And because it was so difficult to travel to the Pyroica and the Geomania Continents, the Religion of William did not expand that far north. Neither did it manage to travel beneath the ground to where the dwarves was happily getting richer by the minute and making Gold their own religion.

- - -

The Rise of the Liches
In the northern parts of the Aeromina Continent, a great evil had long been stirring. In a lone, dark castle existed a great villain, shrouded in the blackest of robes. Known only as Lord Nightmare, this terror had for centuries been dormant upon the hillside. But no longer. During those centuries people with black hearts had sought his castle out, and touched by his unholy powers they had accepted the Curse of the UnDead. Thus the Lich' Moor was populated by the forces of the undead. Zombies, skeletons, wraiths, banshees and death knights arose, and only the dark grip of Nightmare, the Master Lich Lord, kept this evil at bay.

Ancient writings brought from the Pyroica Continent before the Shattering spoke of the extinction of the dreaded necromancers, warning against such unspeakable powers. The believers of William had always believed Willpower to be the only kind of magic, and as they heard about Necromancy one conclusion arose above all others: It was an unholy power that must be stopped before it would destroy the balance of life. Forced to agree, the King of Guild massed together his armies to fight against this abominable power. Marching on the Castle of Deathmoor the combined followers of all that was good and holy sought to destroy Lord Nightmare and all of his dark followers.

What should have been an easy battle turned horribly wrong. The undead creatures was nearly impossible to destroy without fire and magic, and for every soldier that died the evil gained a follower more. After retreating from this shameful failure, the northern part of the Aeromina Continent was considered lost to the damned. The undead expanded their territories, and soon the Liches had subverted the people who had not safely escaped. Allowing most of these people to live and serve them, Lord Nightmare and his fellow Liches was now in complete control of the UnDead Empire of the Lich' Moor.

In the future to come Lord Nightmare offered the Human Kingdom of Guildia peace in exchange for keeping off his lands. Though distrustive of him, the King saw no choice but to accept it. And so the followers of William and the undead kept cool and calm, not sure who would eventually strike first. They would always have border trouble, but most of the time everything would continue as if almost nothing was out of the ordinary was going on.

And in the Castle of Deathmoor the Emperor of Death and the God of Will was having a relieving drink.

- - -

Return of the Heroes
The world had changed greatly during the time following the Shattering and the defeat of the stardemon Sight. Several centuries had passed, and finally life had stabilized. Though the contact with the northern continents had been lost, and the oceans was still filled with lethal monsters, the people of the Aeromina and the Hydroena Continents had finally returned to the presperity they had once had before. Bored with daily life, more and more people sought adventure, thus returning to an era of heroes. Inspired by the greatest hero of all, the strong and wise Zordon, the world was once again brewing trouble. Thanks to these heroes, travelling by roads and by ships became safer and safer, and wonderful stories would be told around the campfires at night.

But as the heroes returned, so did the villains. Inspired by the most notorious and dangerous villain ever, the Raider, the heroes would seek dark powers and for whatever reasons they had they would make life difficult for others. Heroes and villains of any specie, be they living or dead, would both become an important part of the Circle of Existence.

- - -

A Name of Power
A thousand years or so after the Shattering the name of Master Red was merely a name in ancient texts. But history has a tendency to repeat, and slowly a new name arose among the merchants. A family that kept itself clouded in mystery had slowly but surely created a special market of transport known as the Bluewind Industries. Seldom having family appearing in public, or even formally, the name of Bluewind became one of the most reliable transportations thanks to the hiring of proper protecting heroes and special deals all over the two continents.

And from a cliff, overlooking the fast development of the City of Bluewind, the center to be of merchantry, Martin Bluewind was happy to be alive. He would not tell his three remaining living friends, Robin, Don and William, about this. After all, if he did they might believe that the Raider had grown soft, when in truth he had only turned back into himself.

Agnar Idsøe
11. June 2005


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