Property of the Commander
I don't really draw all that much, and I'm hardly a professional. Yet compared to the average population I would say I have superior skill. At least for a person who has never really gone to a drawing class or anything.

Images based on personal stuff
Special Team - Based on an old world I'm developing. From left: Treskinn, Tairm, Wood, Richie and Dragon.
The Raider - And old friend of ours from Agnars Comic.

Images based on other peoples work
A Modest Party - Based on the characters by Squidi. See his work for names.

Images based on random thoughts
Dragon - One of my first attempt at drawing a dragon from the front. I never intended to color it when I drew it, but it turned out rather well. Don't you think?
Chronicles of the Creator - I was thinking of starting a drawn comic about a god, but after making a prologue stripe I quickly discarded the whole idea.

Images based on my stuff but made by fans
Portrait of Raider - From M. L. Hochstetler. It's got a few detail errors, but it does get the feeling of the guy.


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