8-Bit Theater - The original Final Fantasy in twisted form.
Accursed Dragon - Has to do good deeds to become human again. Reluctantly.
Acid Reflux - God must fix up her new universe.
A Modest Destiny - featuring pixel comics and pixel usage.
Bob and George - The original Mega Man sprite-comic.
Contemplating Reiko - The darker side of children.
Count Your Sheep - Imaginary sheep makes you sleep.
Ctrl+Alt+Del - A gaming comic about crazy people.
Dreamland Chronicles, The - A 3D comic set in two worlds.
Eerie Cuties - Chocolate bunny hungry vampire at large..
El Goonish Shive - Transformations, monsters, and teenagers.
ErfWorld - Strategy at its weirdest.
Errant Story - About insane elves and half-elves.
Exterminatus Now - Demonic worship must be stoped. Later.
Funny Farm - Seriously funny.
Gunnerkrigg Court - School life next to a fantasy forest..
I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle - Some guy becomes a genie girl.
Inverloch - Humans, mages, elves and da'kor.
MegaTokyo - Two idiots travel to Japan and can't get home.
Misfile - Pray this never happens to you. Pray!
NPC - Adventurers beware!
Sailor Ranko - Ranma meets the Sailor Soldiers and joins their team against all odds.
Sinfest - God, Buddha, Devil, Dragon, pig, fanboy, nerd, hottie...
Sins - Anger, Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride and Sloth.
Slightly Damned - So much for the afterlife.
TwoKinds - Choose between your memories or your love.
Wotch, The - Watch out. Witch about.
Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic - Dungeons, and the outside.

Film related
Angry Alien Productions - Shortened movies with bunny actors..
Childrin R Skary - Flash movies which shows the truth about little girls.
How It Should Have Ended - The original movie endings were just too weak.
Newgrounds - A place people uplod flash projects for all to watch.
Red Dwarf - The official website for a certain science fiction comedy series.
Secret of Mana Theater - A parody tv-show, made in Flash.
Star Wreck - Finnish Star Trek parodies.
YouTube - Just about everything.

Games related
Abandonia - Ancient, classic and legendary games!
Abandonware - Old, old games! - Buy and download classic games for your overpowered computer.
Home of the Underdogs - Looking for an old game? Start here.
ROMNation - Roms for your game emulators.
RPG Classics - A Role Playing Game Heaven for Fanatics.
ScummVM - Wanna play old Lucasart games on your advanced computer?
Zophar's Domain - Does the words "Game Emulator" mean anything to you?

Music related - Gaming music. - Any old tunes you'd like to play?
Video Game Music Archive - Need some midi-music from some games you've played?

Comic related
Comic Genesis - Webcomics. What else?
DrunkDuck - Webcomic hosting.
Keenspot - Webcomic hosting.
Manga Fox - Lots and lots of manga translated into English.
Sonic the Comic - Online! - The continuation of the Fleetway version. (STC)
Top Web Comics - Comic list and community.
Webcomic List, The - Place with links to lots of comics.

Something else
4chan - Nothing to see here! Move along!.
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster - The One True Religion, apparently.
DuckDuckGo - Alternative search engine that doesn't track you.
Reddit - Where memes are born, then dies.
Urban Dictionary - Where slang is defined or defiled.
Wikipedia - An encyclopedia for everyone to read and edit.


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