The First Strike - World of Lemoth
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The Commander speaks:

The First Strike - World of Lemoth is made with RPG Maker 2000. Created in 2002, fixed in 2003, and now corrected slightly in 2008. Mostly some correction in what some people say and their grammar, some additional lines here and there, change to some wrong prices, and not much else. The game experience should really be just about the same, only with less spelling mistakes.

The game is about four heroes named Kane, Amnesia, Slash and Rhenda who has gotten themselves mixed up in the power of an ancient book known as "The Book of Ragnarok." They gain friends and enemies, kills a bunch of monsters, and ends up having to save the world from Evil. They meet some of the gods, they find some stuff out, and they get a little onto each others nerves.

The game itself was based on a world I made up long before, although a lot of the original details were wrong. This was my first attempt to make an RPG, and it actually turned out quite nicely. It plays all the way through to maximum level, with a few side quests at the end for those who cares. The final boss himself can be quite tough if you're not prepared and you don't have a proper strategy.

Please believe me when I say that it is a good game despite how young and inexperienced I was when I made it.

Signing off.


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