The Magic System of A Hate Story and Agnars Comic

The Source of Magic
It is strongly believed among the followers of William that He created the magical energies, and with that he created the world, and just about everything else as well. This is bullshit!

On a distant world aliens sent a hollow rock filled with amazing technology with the purpose of terraforming our world to their liking, regardless of any life already there. The oblivionoids and the Void were but some of the many inventions the aliens had developed. All these inventions, the oblivionoids included, needs a power-source in order to function. And one of the aliens most amazing inventions was... (cough) Magic!

What human beings refer to as magical energy, is in fact converted electricity. On the continent of Geomnaia, burried beneath the landscape of the Doom Mountains, at the center of the meteor, that is where the true source of all the magical energies across the world of Tellus/Earth comes from. Through solar energies, wind, water, the Earth's core, and countless other things, this massive alien device transform energy into, well, energy. Spread out throughout the athmosphere, both small and large and medium sized, bubbles of magical energy float with the winds and fill the world with power. To the human eye, and probably all eyes, these bubbles are invisible. But when someone, or anyone, pulls on these bubbles of energy they begin to glow with color. What color they glow in seem to depend on the individual, and can not be changed.

These magical energy bubbles seem to only exist within the athmosphere. If you dig deep down into the ground, or if you swim deep into the ocean, or you fly out into the vacuum of space, you will not find any. When an area becomes depleted of magic, for whatever reason, it will eventually fill up again, though slowly.

- - -

The Primary Colors
Magic, sorcery, wizardry, witchcraft, vodoo, willpower, necromancy...
It's all the same thing, really. There are many ways to categorize magic, and many ways to get it wrong. Let's stick to what Lady Miranda the Forsaken has concluded, and work on that.

There are at least three known ways to wield magic.

Red Magic
The intellectual path of structure and rules, common among academicals. Those who study magic tend to have this idea that magic has a logical, almost mathmatical, structure. They teach themselves formulas and methods that in their own mind makes sense, creating complicated and spesific spells. Just like a language, really. And it works! Magic works the way you believe it works!
The advantage to Red Magic is it allows for evolution of numerous ideas for spells. Spells that does exactly what you intended for them to do. Safe spells which can be taught to students.
The downside to Red Magic is that two different schools of thinking can not teach each other the same spells. Casting spells is also very complicated and may take quite some time at times. But the worst is that if you make a fatal miscalculation, your subconscious will notice, and there is no telling what will happen next until it's too late!

Yellow Magic or Gray Magic
The path of imagination, of rainbows and fairy tales. To cast a spell, simply visualize exactly what it is you want to happen, then push the magical energies you have gathered into that picture. Tada! You got exactly what you imagined!
The advantage to Yellow Magic is that you don't need to understand what you're actually doing, your subconscious does it all for you regardless. It is also a very fast way to cast a spell, unhindered by all those pointless mental rules.
The downside to Yellow Magic is that the spells spends an awful lot of magical energy (though some say this can be countered by imagening using less energy). But what makes this way truly dangerous, is that if you have a stray thought just as you cast the spell, you will put the magical energies into that thought instead. All you intended to do was cast a simple levitation spell, but at just the wrong moment you started thinking about roast beef...

Blue Magic
The path of observation and memory. When you see someone else cast a spell, you will instantly memorize and be able to cast the exact same spell in exactly the same way, with the same energy consumption and the same results. This is, so far, the fastest way to cast a spell. It requires absolutely no calculation or imagination from the caster, he only has to remember seeing it. This learning ability is often a natural born gift, but it is possible to learn it with practise.
The advantage to Blue Magic is that all the important details were taken care of by whomever you saw cast the spell in the first place. Anyone with a really good memory, especially a photographic memory, could actually manage to cast several spells in a row or even at the same time.
The downside to Blue Magic is that the spells learned can not be altered or improved in any way. Originality and innovation is practically impossible. And if the spell had one or more fatal flaws, they can not be fixed.
Those who can cast blue spells are usually banned from using healing spells.

- - -

Types Of Spells

While there are many imaginary rules in magic, there are some rules that are quite real and absolute. Magic can affect things all the way down to a chemical level, to the molecule level. It is possible to transform coal into diamond, though this has so far never occured to anyone. But the atomic level is the unknow barrier. No wizard can transform lead into gold.
But there are cheats! With magic one can create simulated substances that has the same properties as the real thing, provided the caster knows about the properties in question. These conjured substances can be so realistic it is impossible to tell the difference. However, anything conjured has a limited lifespan and will disappear when/if it runs out of magical energy.

Bless, Curse, Enhance
Enhancements can be applied to almost anything, with a great variety of results and effects. Flying carpets, sword-blades on fire, fire-resistant wooden bridges, glowing gems, instand death upon touch of object, etc...
The larger a spell is, the more magical energy it requires to be cast. And the larger the spell, the more energy it will need to continue to consume over time. When an enhancement spell runs out of magical energy it will simply disappear and be impossible to restore. This is a rule that applies to ALL that is magical.
There are at least four ways to keep an enhanced spell going:
One, fill it up with so much magical energy that it will never go out.
Two, refill it with magical energy yourself every now and then.
Three, design it to always drain magical energy from its surroundings by itself.
Four, design it to periodically refill itself with magical energy when running low.

Some of the most complicated and difficult spells to cast are the animation spells. Making a suit of armor, or a carved statue, or a skeleton, or even just a pile of rubble move as if it is alive, that is the ultimate challenge. Mindless creations that not only need to be brought to "life", but also need to understand and obey commands in some way. They are basically the magical version of robots.

This is a trick category. Ha ha ha! It's the same thing as everything else here.
Liches, wraiths, death knights and banshees all counts as enhanced beings.
Zombies and skeletons are technically golems. (But Lord Nightmare insists that the animated skeletons are acting stupid on purpose.)

DeSpell, Dispel
This is a very unique spell that anyone can cast, but few can master. The idea is to push or pull the magical energies away from the target, making it stop working. This is easier said than done, because not only does it require an equal or more amount of magical energy, a lot of professional spells usually have safeguards against this kind of thing. Also, this spell is very difficult to aim at anything specific, so it usually affects everything around the caster. Do not use this spell if you are flying on a magic carpet!

- - -

Non-magical abilities
Sometimes people are born with magical-like skills, yet these skills don't work the same way. Telepathic or telekinetic abilities, for example, do not drain magical energies from the surrounding area, and can not be removed from the wielder.
People who have these unusual abilites may not know they have them. Maybe they never get to use them. Some become aware of them in drastic situations. And those who do know they have them usually keep this to themselves.

Special magic-like abilities does not appear to be hereditary, unless both parents have the same ability. The elves once had telepathic abilities, but later lost them. The blood of orcs have an unnatural green color that makes their skin appear green as well, but any and all half-orcs have human-colored skin.

It is suspected by some wizards that humans (and others) have evolved the ability to create magical energies by themselves and contain it in their blood. However, the amount created and contained is so small and weak that you can not even light a candle with it. But it may explain why people with these special abilities do not need to charge magical energy to use these skills. It may also explain why dragons can breathe fire without charging as well.
This magic blood hypothesis is laughed at by most wizards.

Also, while one in a million may be born with an unusual magic-like ability, only one in a billion gain a magic-like ability from nowhere. The Revenant hypothesis, suggested by a Pyroican wizard who was accused and executed for necromancy, states that people in a doomed situation may develop a permanent ability to deal with said situation. However, there are no records of anyone ever gaining abilities like this. The few who have a special ability was either born with it, or granted it from an external source. No one! Absolutely no one! No one has ever gotten a magic-like ability from nothing!


(Except Zordon.)

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None of this information is set in stone.
There may later be corrections and alterations.
And if there are, you won't know. He he he...


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