Frequently Asked Questions

What's with the title "A Hate Story"?
It refers basicly to Ellen's anger. (For better understanding, read Agnars Comic.) However, Zordon's hate towards elves, Williams hate towards worshippers, and the hate of several other people might have something to do with it as well. Take a pick.

How often do you update?
It varies, depending on if I feel like it or have the time. At least once a month.

Where are the fillers?
I don't use fillers. This is about the comic, not whatever artistic idea I suddenly get. I myself finds it really annoying when I'm going through a webcomic archive, and suddenly I come upon an unrelated picture made to excuse the lack of updates or simply shows off some half-ass sketch. Hell, it's even worse when there's a ton of fillers appearing one after another. Fillers suck. End of discussion.

Are the characters based on other sources or real live people?

Why haven't you included all of the original characters?
Because not all the characters could logicly live for a thousand years.

Why did you make the Raider close to invincible?
An early RPG joke in Agnars comic. He's at level 99.

Dragons should live long, so do we get to meet Bahamut again?
No. By his name he was obviously a monster from the Final Fantasy game series, so it was a mistake to include him in Agnar's Comic. The only acceptable alternative is an all new unrelated dragon with a completely different name. Bahamut no longer has a place, not even in further history.

Should I read the side stories related to the comic in order to understand things?
Probably wouldn't hurt.

Why did you set it a thousand years in the future instead of just a decade or something?
I wanted more history to go along with it, and for things to change.

Are you mocking religion with William?

Why did [character] have to die?
Didn't need him. Didn't want him. Serves the plot. Just for laughs. The usual reasons.

What's with that [plot element]? It makes no sense!
There's only two probable reasons: You're too stupid or I'm too complicated. Or maybe you should read the original webcomic and all the related written stories. There's too much to keep track of everything.

Where did you get the sprites?
First of all, they're not sprites. I made them myself, so they have never been in a game. If they have, then someone has used them without permission and is a thief waiting to be hanged.

How do you actually make a new character design?
While in Photoshop, zoom in real close and put down one pixel at a time. Once finished, copy the character and redesign the duplicate(s) as you see fit for whatever pose(s) you need. That's basicly it.

There's something seriously wrong with the proportions of [something]. See?
So I am not a professional designer for your favourite 2D game. Big deal.

Is there a script or something?
Well, I don't write much down, but I have a clear and general idea where I am headed with it. Some things are impulsive depending on what is needed for the story, while other things I have thought about for some time. The trick is to know or remember what is important, and what is not.

Do you make everything yourself?
Jepp. I usually dislike working with or depending on others.

Why did you go for a 12 squares (4X3) format instead of the original 4 squares (4X1) format?
Because I wanted it to be easier to tell the story. Because I now have more experience. Because I wanted to try something new. Because I needed more space to write in. Because I hoped to make it grander. Because I felt like it. Because I can! Because I don't always update so often and want to make sure I've made sufficient in one go. Take a pick.

What's this about a prequel?
The first time I made a comic I stupidly named it up after myself, and though I got very, very little feedback on it I kept on going until I finished it. In the beginning I used some sprites I found somewhere out on the net, but somewhere in the process I completely updated the characters. Go read it! And those stories I wrote connected to it too!

I noticed you also have made a Mega Man comic. Why?
Beats me. However, I stopped working on it a long time ago.

Are you ever going to continue and finnish Mega Man Total Chaos?
There are currently no intentions to ever even touch it again.

When/If you finnish "A Hate Story", will you make another sequel?
I'm not sure. I do have a few ideas in a more futuristic setting. But one thing at a time.

How many people reads your webcomic?
I don't really know.

Do you wanna read my webcomic?
I doubt it.

Can I borrow your art?

Can I cammeo?
Nope. Get lost.

Hey, I have a very interesting idea for you! Wanna hear it!?
I think you have me confused with the local newspaper.

Can I link to you?
Sure. Why not? But I won't link to you.

How do you make your website?
Notepad and Photoshop.

Hey, aren't you Norwegian? Why do you write everything here in English?
Because people on the internet usually know English way better than Norwegian.

Who are you?
I am God.

Who is your favourite character?
Martin Bluewind the Raider. Why do you think he is the real center of the comic?

You sometimes call yourself the Commander. What's up with that?
Well, I once felt I needed a nickname to use on savegames on pc-games. I think it originated from the original Command & Conquer games, and I sorta stuck with it. However, you can also call me the Cold Mage.

So why call you the Cold Mage?
Because I'm a cool person, with a cold attitude, and I do magic.

How do I contact you?
You could e-mail me on comagnar@hotmail.com, but I can't guarantee that I will bother to answer back.

Could you tell us something about yourself?
I'm Norwegian. I drink a lot of Coca Cola. I'm 29 years old.

What do you do for a living?
Not something I'm interested in talking to you about.

Do people really ask all this frequently?
Not really. Not yet. Not at all.

Signing off.


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