Alphabetical Cast of Characters

A greenskin (locustin) ambassador.
Old friend of Tara'Kaul.
Probably the only locustin with almost no accent.
Age: (Undisclosed)

Lich Lord of the Empire of Lich'Moor.
The head of annoyance among Lord Nightmare's advisors.
Has a lot of knowledge, less wisdom, and no care to listen.
Age: (Undisclosed)

An ancient and mysterious banshee originally from Pyroica.
Recides at Deathmoor Castle, but is out of Lord Nightmare's control.
Locked away for the last four hundred years by her fellow banshees.
Age: Over a thousand years old.

General of Guildia.
Not very trustworthy.
Age: Thirty or fourty or so.

King and Guardian of Guildia!
Survived an assassination some years ago, and has been paranoid ever since.
Age: Around forty. Maybe more.

Queen of Elvor.
Supreme High Priestess of the Arch Temple of the God of Willpower.
Distantly in love with Zordon.
Granddaughter of the Queen who was Chosen by William himself!
Age: 300

The pet cat of Martin Bluewind.
The cute webcomic mascot.
Age: 5

Death Rose
The head of organized crime in Elvor, especially among smugglers and assassins.
This mysterious elf lady has during the last ten years become quite powerful in the criminal underground.
Age: (Undisclosed)

Drain DeSwamp
Old and long dead friend of the old gang. Had aid from his best friend Don in becoming an Emperor. (Flashback moments only.)
Age: (Undisclosed)

A bodyless spirit left and forgotten in the Void. What part will she play in this story? Hero or villain?
Age: Over a thousand years.

Half orc, half human, ambitious, and extremely dangerous.
The Assassin's Guild is in chaos, and new Masters rise into power.
Age: 21

Lich Lord of the Empire of Lich'Moor.
The head of offence and defence among Lord Nightmare's advisors.
Has Lord Nightmare as a role model, and wishes to be like him.
Age: (Undisclosed)

Rich and famous horror novelist.
There's something familiar about her...
Age: 97

General of Guildia.
A general who does not agree with his King of Guildia, and is planning treachery.
Age: (Undisclosed)

Very distant relative of Robin'Kei.
Age: (Undisclosed)

Martin Bluewind
Owner of the Bluewind Industries.
There is something strange and mysterious about this guy.
Age: Uncertain, but looks seventeen.

The only elf to have converted to the art of necromancy, and thus allowed herself to become a Lich.
Originally sent as an ambassador to Guildia City to replace the previous one.
Age: 500
More background info...

Lich Lord of the Empire of Lich'Moor.
The head of intelligence among Lord Nightmare's advisors.
Age: (Undisclosed)

Leader and last remnant of the demon worshipping Guild of the Chosen.
Failed to kill the King of Guildia three years ago.
Also failed to summon the demon Sight.
Age: Probably in his fourties or so.

Elven clothesmaker and William fanatic.
Intelligent, slightly naive, and happy.
Age: 19

Donatello Dream.
You may call him Don.
Lich Lord of the Empire of Lich'Moor.
The Emperor of the Lich' Moor Empire of the Undead!
Age: Over a thousand years.

The Raider
The Main Character.
The original hero and villain of Agnars Comic is back for more adventures. You have been warned.
Has a fondnes for cats.
Age: 6000
More background info...

A rebel leader who works in secret to overthrow the rule of Elvor.
Usually talks in a kind of weird way.
Age: 250

Rodericia Raider
The deceased wife of Robin a.k.a. Zordon.
(Has no blood ties to the Raider.)
(Flashback moments only.)
Age: Lived for five thousand and two hundred years, and has been dead for eight hundred.
More background info...

Soulcaptured slave who works in the service of the undead.
Not a lich, more a worker-zombie with his mind still intact.
Magical spells makes sure his loyalty is to his dead masters.
Age: (Undisclosed)

A powerful and scary Lich.
Completely loyal to the Lich'Moor Empire.
Age: (Undisclosed)

Simon Plague
One of the last Masters of what remains of the Assassin's Guild.
Age: (Undisclosed)

Telepath and mindreader.
Former shaman among the orcs.
Age: (Undisclosed)

General of Guildia.
Strong believer of the God William.
Age: Eighty or ninety I think...

Death Knight of Lich'Moor.
Age: (Undisclosed)

An employee in the Bluewind Induestries who captains a cargo and passenger ship.
Age: 35

The Voices
Hearing unsourced voices is the first sign of madness.
Hearing these voices isn't gonna be much better.
Age: Slightly younger than the Raider.

Once an oblivionoid sent to destroy the world, he has now become considered a deity among the mortals.
Age: 23 000
More background info...

Untrustworthy Lich Lady who was banished to some crappy tower once.
Age: (Undisclosed)

Head of Bluewind Industries Office of Elvor.
Stuck-up bureaucrat.
Age: 147

Captain and owner of the smuggler vessel Overlord.
Her voice varies between very, very sweet and really, really loud.
Age: 31

Now a world famous hero. He is half orc and half human, though elves believes he is half elf.
Though his wife Rodericia died a long time ago, he still misses the Devastator.
Age: Over a thousand years old.
More background info...

Ellen's father.
Was murdered by William one thousand years ago.
(Flashback moments only.)
Age: (Undisclosed)

An elf recently killed and converted by Achnor, only to be released somehow by Zordon.
Travels across the ocean to reach Lich'Moor.
Age: (Undisclosed)

???? & ????
Nelly's parents.
Simple clothesmakers.
Age: (Undisclosed)
Age: (Undisclosed)

???? & ????
Owners of a hidden pub called "Ye Olde Place".
The girlfriend is possessed by a banshee.
The boyfriend prefers the banshee.
Age: (Undisclosed)
Age: (Undisclosed)


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