Agnars Comic
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The Commander speaks:

Agnars Comic
Started Wednesday 25. December 2002 a.d.
Ended Sunday 26. September 2004 a.d.
470 comic stripes plus epilogue.

Started without plot, nor script, with sprites found on the internet, with crappy backgrounds, with a quick and stupid text intro about a quickly thought up past, with unclear starting characters... I started with little or no experience in comic making, graphics creating or long-term developing. All I had was this urge to make my own comic, and thanks to my small Adobe Photoshop knowledge, my great imagination and creativity, my independence, and my stubbornity in not giving completely up... Here you have Agnars Comic completed!

During this process I have learned a couple of things. Among them that making a comic based on RPG structure is stupid. That just starting without at least a halfclear thought about what you wish to make is stupid. That basing your own characters on borrowed sprites is stupid, even if you recolor them. That using even only hints about an author figure is stupid. And I've learned that not thinking clearly about what to call the comic is stupid. I've probably learned even more, but ramsing up such stuff gets boring after a while.

Okay, now you can go read the stories, or better yet, the sequel.

Signing off.

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