The Raider
Martin Bluewind

At the age of twelve he was hired as a supply boy by four heroes who intended to save the world from the Meteor. During the climatic battle he was unknowingly possessed by an alien energetic creature wich used him to attempt an attack on the Eye. The Eye was then badly wounded and had to escape into some kind of dimensional void. Somehow escaping through a black hole, he then awoke to find his homecity destroyed by the sinking Meteor. In the aftertime as he travelled the world, he started hearing voices and decided that he was mad.
Somehow knowing that the Eye would be back, he started preparing himself and the world for its coming. For five thousand he lived, becoming a worldinfamous and notorious villain known only as the Raider. Then one day, when walking over the Wastelands on the Geomania Continent after having gotten his horse stolen somehow, the time for the Eye's return was at hand...

the babbling village idiot

Robins parents, a human and an orc, travelled from Guildia City on the Continent of Aeromina to Kwan City on the Continent of Geomina. They handed him over to his grandfather (on the human side) who lived over at the Doom Mountains. He never knew where his parents went from there. And one day when he got older, he left. He then had himself a couple of adventures, among them surviving a meeting with overwhelming many banshees, and ended up with many powerfull abilities wich he managed to keep secret.
Twenty years ago he tried to create peace between whiteskins and greenskins down on the Grass Lands of Blades down at the Hydroena Continent by manipulating messages he was carrying, plus bribing and blackmailing. After a year he was in control, but suddenly a powerfull, female assassin tried to kill him. But thanks to his secret skills in battle and magic he almost killed her instead. When they saw right into each others faces they fell instantly in love, and ended up getting married. But because Robin (who at that time called himself Zordon... (and sometimes still does)) got cold feet and ran off back to the Doom Mountains.
He then lived up in the Doom Mountains with his grandfather again for a long while, before he travelled to live in the huge city of Kwan nine years later. Even though there was millions of people living there, absolutely everyone came to know him as the babbling village idiot. As soon as they saw him, they would run for their lives, holding their hands over their ears. Then, seven years later, some huge accident happened, and Robin was banished from Kwan forever by the current ArchWizard. He then swore revenge, and has for a long time prepared himself for that. He has then lived in the wasteland for three years, and has thereby constructed an outfit that enables him to hide himself a little. His talking ability has also advanced, making him able to talk monsters into sleep, but still able to shut up when he needs silence around him.
Then he met the Raider, and asked him for help in getting revenge over Kwan City...


Ever since she was little she wanted to become a knight. Only a couple of days after she was nominated to one by a visiting knight, her mother died in a fire. She then had to take over all of the work of cleaning the inn.
Four years later, when the banishment of the babbling village idiot was fullfilled, she could finally have one full day break while everyone was looking at the BVG. She spent the day by her mothers grave, thanking the heavens for that she finally could have time to visit it.
Three more years later two suspicious strangers comes to Kwan and rents a room. The same night she gets kidnapped without any appearent reason, and this really pissed her off...
Ellen starts out as a girl with hopes and dreams for the future. She thinks there is something good in everybody. When she meets the Raider she is convinced that he is just misunderstood. Of course, after a while her way of thought changes, and after just a couple of hours around the Raider, she gets violent. When her father gets killed by the Villain, her way of thought is forever damaged, causing much hatred towards everyone she meets. She blames the Raider most of all for what she has lost...

The Villain, later known as William, is a character who used to be a servant of the Eye. He is a being of energetic something, and he has the ability to possess peoples bodies. Of course, after having been inside a person for a while, he starts acting and thinking like that person. He even takes some of that with him when he leaves the host, and there is reason to believe that some of the old him stays with the host uppon the leaving as well.
After the Raider defeats his Master, the Villain is sent back to gather info on him, something wich doesn't exactly go as planned when the Raider actually recognises him, wich should be impossible. So, all in all, the Raider turns out to become his most confusing experience ever.
After the Eye was defeated all he wanted was to be alone... but Master Red disagreed!

Drain DeSwamp

Drain was once one of the sons of an Emperor. Then, one day, he got the idea that it should be him that was the Emperor. So, after months of planning, he managed to get hold of some very strong poison. Then, one night, he sneaked into his fathers room and put a couple of drops into his fathers secret alcoholic drink wich was laying under the bed. Just a couple of days later he was chosen as the successor, when almost all of his older brothers had died. Unfortenly one of the maids found some very mysterious poison in his room wich quickly led to some very quick conclusion. Prince Drain was then banished into the Desert of Charoon while the last and youngest brother became Emperor.
When Drain finally came to the front gates of a new city, he had used several weeks to rethink his life. At the Gates of the Wizard-Ruled City of Kwan he was met by one of the guards who said they had some problems in town, and couldn't let him in. Then it all got black...
...and then he awoke and was tossed into a battle between good, evil and the Raider...

your worst nightmare

Once he was a family guy. (He's still got his family album with him.) Then he one day had a change of heart, got himself turned into a Lich, and then existed for a long time doing whatever he wanted. Uncertain for how long, though...
Then, one day, he got possessed by William, and awoke up far out in the Charoon Desert. When he got back to Kwan he met the Raider, who awoke memories he had gained from his possession by William. And then a thirst for revenge broke out...


Assassinator was a secret agent of the Eye who had his position in Guildia, the City of the Guilds. Used to the great cities and his invulnerable body, he has become a great mercenary who is known throughout the whole continent of Aeromina. Although he is unused to working with others, he tends to appreciate others company. All in all he does what he must, and the rest of the time he spends on enjoying the small details of life, like beer. All this, and more, is what makes his former Master, and William, despise him. If it hadn't been for his bond with them, he would probably have turned against them a long time ago. Anyway, his life went misserable the moment he was ordered to assassinate the Raider.

Rodericia raider

Five thousand years ago when she was a little girl she was the only apparent survivor from the fall of the Meteor, trapped in a cave along with the Possessor. She was offered the power to escape in exchange for becoming another servant of the Eye. She accepted, and has since then worked in the shadows, manipulating events according to the Eye's design.
Then, four thousand nine hundred and eighty years later she tries to kill an irritating halforc called Zordon. But she underestimated him and nearly died, but once they saw each others faces they fell instatntly in love. Soon they got married, but Zordon ran off for reasons of his own. She spends eight years looking for him in all the cities over the whole world, but she never found him. Finally she gave up, and managed to pull herself back to her duties as a servant of the Eye.
When the Eye is very near his final return, he sends her off to slay a worldinfamous villain named the Raider who has been interfering. She faces him, but some idiot who had the same energy withdrawl as her cast a spell very close at the same time. Once the area was clear of smoke after a megablast, she saw her long lost love standing where a house used to be...
...and then she turned her back on the Eye.


A former servant of the Eye who was captured by the Raider and tortured by Don. Shall apparently have been of great help for William in passing of as Don once...

The Eye
Terraformatoros Obliviatonis

13. January 2354 a.d.: Earth is sent into a medieval direction due to a meteor crashing down and elliminates three fourths of the human population. The survivors was then manipulated by the Soul of the Meteor, and the world would have become a dark, volcanic place. Lucklily that didn't happen due to some rather confused events we won't mention here. Anyway, after 5000 years, this Soul, also known as the Eye, awakened from some kind of dimensional sleep and was unleashed on our world. Then he was quickly killed by the Raider before he could start causing harm...
But something yet remains. Something far worse than the Eye...

Master Red

Master Red was the cause to the invincibility and the magical powers of the Raider for five thousand years. Originally he was the backup of the Eye wich was sent by an alien sivilization to conquer Earth. But Master Red had plans of his own, wich included the removal of the Eye and the manipulation of both weather, poulation and anything else he could think of.
In many ways Master Red is the most dangerous being you can come up against. While the Eye was basicly just some kind of world destroyer, and lets face it, destroying the world is easy... But Master Red had the power to affect the very mind itself. Only someone with a perfectly controlled mind could possibly overcome him, and lets face this as well: No one could possible be that sane!


At a very typical day, Bahamut was out looking for some fun. Then he saw a robed guy and a lizard walking out in the heat. As usual, thought of them as food. But after having followed them for a while they suddenly noticed him. He joined them in their long walk, only to be thrown into a pack of Grass Monsters. Then the real fun began...


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